The Works of C Tertullian and His Influence on Augustine

In this article, we will examine the works and life of C. Tertullian, who was an early Christian theologian. We will also consider his influence on Augustine. Let's start with his writings. Tertullian wrote on many important topics related to faith, society, and ethics. He formulated the doctrine of predestination. This doctrine was later endorsed by the Council of Trent. It is the foundation for the entire Church.

C. Tertullian

Throughout the writings of Tertullian, we can find elements of his Christian and non-Christian personalities. Tertullian was a stern and passionate man, prone to asceticism and legalism, and was a victim of Montanism (the perversion of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit). But, before his death, Tertullian restored fellowship with the Christian church. Though he had grave faults, he was a good and insightful writer on the subject of religion.

His life

Tertullian lived in the second century, when the religious movement was growing and spreading. Its genesis can be traced back to the eclecticism of Julia Domna, who created an ecumenical salon and promoted the philosophy of neo-Pythagoreanism. In his life, Tertullian is seen as a man of the times, who pushed the boundaries of the religious sphere. In particular, his support for the pallium over the toga shows that his ecumenical thought was African in origin.

His works

As a Christian, Tertullian was staunchly anti-Montanist. His ideas and views were so far removed from the orthodox church's that he split from it. Nonetheless, Tertullian's ideas remained popular until the fifth century, and he influenced many other theologians and writers to come. As a result, his writings have survived. This article looks at some of his major works.

His influence on Augustine

In Confessiones 9.37, Augustine compares his mother to the church. She furthers Augustine's Catholic faith, but never indulges his Manicheism. Rather, she combines more mundane motives with the morality of her faith. Tertullian's influence on Augustine's writings can be traced back to this period of his life. His letters reflect his influence, from his teaching to his political views.

His impact on the church

As an uncompromising Christian, Tertullian advocated a strict adherence to a code of practice and discipline, and he is often credited with becoming one of the first representatives of the rigorist movement in the early church. His views on the continuing use of prophetic gifts and ascetic rigor may have led him to adopt Montanism, a movement which stresses piety and ascetic rigor. He also expressed opinions on public amusement and the proper conduct of women.

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