The story about fatalist

Heyele and Benjamin made a deal. Benjamin regular the challenge to lie down on the rail road when a train was once approaching. If it was fated that he lives, then he asked Heyele to make a sacred vow that she would break her engagement and marry him. She additionally accepted the terms of the new deal.
When the day of the event came, Benjamin requested everyone to move away from him and not to persuade him. As the train approached, he stretched out on the rail tracks. The rails started vibrating, as the train method nearer and engineer form the train and a fireman jumped out of the train and saved Benjamin. Fatalist principle proved to be true. Now that Benjamin lived, she had to marry her according to the deal. She was married and gave birth to four children. The theory proposes that a person’s fate is predetermined and at the end of the story this appears to be so.

Heyele is described as a beautiful young girl who comes from a wealthy family. Her idealism and intellect almost inform the reader that something is bound to ensure if the two interact. Her firmness and assertiveness are suggestive that Benjamin will fall for her. The conflict in the story involves a person and the society. Benjamin is in conflict with the society. His ideology of fatalism was a topic of discussion for one night. However, no one could get it out of their heads. They kept on debating about whether a person’s fate is decided for if people make their fate. The debate maintains its momentum and later fuels the deal between Benjamin and Heyele.

Suppose the narrator was a witness during the test, the story would begin from how Benjamin came to the village. It would perhaps end when the two characters decide to be married. The frame of the story impact on the Fatalist since the reader does not get a chance to know how events went after Benjamin was saved. Perhaps the witness would have included a description of how Benjamin convicted Heyele of marrying him, proved his fatalist theory and how other witnesses and members of the society reacted to the fatalist argument.

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