The Relationship between Social Learning Theories and Crime

Individuals and their Environment

Individuals take in different things from their nearby climate by observing their environment. The term environment is utilized in this setting to allude to whatever surrounds a person, including other people and the media (McLeod, 2016).

The Nurture Theory

A few hypotheses disclose what leads individuals to obtain various characters such as, for example, crime causation. These theories have been attempting to evaluate the explanations behind them. Therefore, this paper will give a reflection dependent on nurture and nature theories. Nurture theory elaborates on how somebody takes in different things from gathered experience and the environment the person is living in after being conceived. This hypothesis says that a baby takes in various things from individuals living around it and builds up a behaviour depending on how people live near them (McLeod, 2016).

Influence of the Environment

The environment that has an impact on the behavior of a child comprises of parents, teachers, peers, and media. Models bring forth to children behaviors such as antisocial, bully, masculine (McLeod, 2016). The young children copy these actions and apply them in their lives, and as a result, they may develop a particular character such as being criminal. Additionally, people around the child may either reinforce or punish the child for the behaviors they imitate. If a child is reinforced for a particular conduct, they will continue with it since there is a positive reward. And if the child is punished, they might stop it. The child also looks up to the consequences of other person's behavior. If the behavior has a positive reward, the child might imitate it.

The Nature Theory

Other factors that affect human characters are the biological factors. They encompass the nature of a person. Nature can be defined as those behaviors that are genetically based or depends on one's hormones. Human being genetic composition affects how their brain functions when learning from the environment. They either increase or decrease the ability of a person to learn many complex behavior patterns. Research study shows that there is a link between criminal behavior and genetics (Hegger, 2015). Genetics starts to play a role in trait development when one is conceived. Some genes are turned off or not due to cultural, physical, and social factors, which can lead to the development of illegal behavior.

Interaction of Biology and Environment

While criminal causation is due to various factors, I can say that both biological and social environment contributes towards the illegal behavior of an individual. Research studies by many people show that environment is the key factor towards unlocking the genetic traits that are instilled in a person from conception.


Hegger, J. (2015). Nature Vs. Nature: Which Causes Crime? Retrieved from

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