The reason for me attending college

Certain aspects of life have continued to stay consistent over time. As a culture, both humans and the world in which we exist have changed significantly. Our fundamental requirements, on the other hand, almost remain untouched, and our ability to satisfy them only rises over time. We have all grown up learning and believing that education is important for all people. We aim for the best form, which is why there are different schools that appear to teach the same thing but the standard of education may vary. Literacy is described as the ability to read and write, and it is for this purpose that we attend school. Given that there are different levels of education, attending college appears to be the determinant of the future one is possibly going to have. The debate on the importance of college has allowed various perspectives to be measured thus allowing people to make up their minds as to whether or not they should attend college. Personally, I am of the opinion that college education is important and for this, am attending college because of furthering my education, increasing my employment opportunities and gaining some form of independence in my life.
Attending college, to me, simply means I have the opportunity to continue expanding on my academic knowledge and skills, which are very important. As mentioned above, there are levels of education right from introductory basics where we are taught to read and write. As one goes through the levels, it is evident that they are stepping into a completely new world of information. For instance, during high school level, what we were taught in primary gets to be enhanced by this level and thus the process continues while in college. The latter provides for an environment of more complex subjects and academics to be offered. I consider this opportunity golden because my mind will be open to new information that I did not have from the previous levels of education. This is because while at college, subjects are extended to incorporate information that the more developed mind can be able to grasp and comprehend with ease. Therefore, in a way, a college education is designed to befit and fill our growing mental capabilities. Furthermore, I tend to believe that with college, the skills to be gained are more complex and useful to the employment industry. Therefore, the more advanced level of education one gets to explore, the more educated, knowledgeable and skillful they are considered to be and this is what I want for myself.
In addition to the above, am also attending college to increase my chances of being employed. The unemployment rate of the global market appears to be growing by the second and to make matters even worse, the opportunities that exist are highly competed for. It is more of a natural selection process whereby only the best and capable get job opportunities chasing after them. The economy of the country and international markets look promising more so for the younger population but in order to survive the competition, one has to be well equipped with education being one of the most important tools. I choose to attend college to enhance my CV for such opportunities. Employers today are looking for not only skills and innovation but also academic excellence in an individual. I want to be holistic when it comes to being a potential employee thus the reason am attending college. Moreover, if not for job opportunities then entrepreneurial skills to start up a business that would one day become multinational. Given this, it is evident that am future-oriented in regards to what my economic capabilities ought to be like based on the competition that already exists. Attending college for me helps to address this desire by equipping me with what is needed for my future.
Lastly, am looking to grow as an individual and gain some independence while I attend college. Being away from home for the very first time can be a scary thing for most people because it largely means being self-responsible. I have craved for this opportunity because I want to learn how to make choices and to be responsible for them and my actions. College provides an environment outside that of academic that allows individuals to polish up on their other skills. For instance, one will eventually have to learn to manage time as well as prioritizing on what is important. These life skills when well developed can be useful for the rest of one_x0092_s adult life. I believe that college is the best place to learn to be independent and responsible as a young adult with these skills and more playing important roles in future adult life stages. Based on this explanation, am attending college to also grow as an individual by taking risks, learning from my mistakes and generally realizing that from this point onwards, I will be more answerable for my life than anybody else will ever be.
In conclusion, it is important to understand that there is always a balance in life when it comes to attending college. Some of us either do not find it necessary and still do great in life while others, like me, find it to be important. I am personally attending college because it is an opportunity for me to further my education by choosing a course that will further influence the academic knowledge I already have. Furthermore, college is a doorway to additional competitive advantage in the economic environment thus a fact as to why am currently in college. Moreover, the last reason as to why I choose to go to college is self-independence. The need to grow as an individual and sharpen your life skills is becoming more than just a necessity with the ever-evolving environment that we live in. Therefore, it is my choice and understanding that by attending college, I will grow academically, competitively and independently thus holistic enough to be successful.

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