The Purpose of College

The Pressure of College Expenses

The most important point of Jeffrey J. Selingo’s article, “What’s the purpose of college,” that appeared in the Washington publish on the 2nd of February the year 2015, is about the pressure of the Universities and colleges charges that many students and families incur just to have a accurate job.

Specifically, in his argument, the author believes that the majority of the students upon graduation from the universities and faculties they go for the jobs that have no correlation to their majors, or worst, don’t get a job at all.

Selingo states further that from the research, the total number of bachelor’s degrees awarded in the traditional fields have tumbled from almost a half of the undergraduates in the year 1968, to about a quarter presently. The author suggests and believes that in future, the colleges and the universities should prepare the students for the right jobs and in building their skills.


The author is right in almost all the aspects of his arguments as it is true that the majority of the graduates end up taking careers that are entirely different from their majors. For instance, the bachelors’ degree holders working as restaurant waiters or uber drivers, yet the jobs do not require such qualification.

Even though choosing the right course in a recognized university can make a difference, to be more honest, it is not always that easy to join the highly ranked schools. The goals of many institutions are the giving of knowledge and not in preparing individuals for employment, therefore, in conclusion, whatever one’s major is people must acquire the right skills as they may be useful in the future.

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