the puerto rican day parade

The Puerto Rican Day Parade

The Puerto Rican Day Parade will take place on Sunday, June 11, 2017. The parade is an annual celebration that takes place along Manhattan's Fifth Avenue in the city of New York. It is usually held on the second Sunday in June. In 2017, the parade will take place on June 11th. The celebration is planned to commemorate the almost four million Puerto Ricans who reside on the mainland of the United States. As a consequence, it is very popular, because it draws a wide variety of people, from Puerto Ricans to national lawmakers (Massey, 2017 11). It is viewed as one of the largest outdoor events in the United States mainland. Therefore it has a lot of significance, and it attracts many people ranging from the Puerto Ricans to the national politicians (Massey, 2017 11). It is viewed as one of the largest outdoor events in the United States because it attracts almost two million spectators annually.

Celebrations and Honors

The celebrations in this parade for the recent past include the celebrations of the Puerto Ricans celebrities. The mayors and other political leaders usually use this event to rally and look for votes from the spectators the time of the election (Alicea & Velezquez, 2007 10). The armed forces for national liberations abbreviated as FALN is a group that was marked as a terrorist organisation. Therefore in the year 2071, the organisers have chosen to honour one of the FALN known as Oscar Lopez Rivera. Rivera is to be honoured in the parade after being released from prison. In 2017, Gaya Food Company has chosen to honour the parade and another company that has shown an interest in sponsoring the parade is the Jet Blue. The NYPD refused to match in the parade because Rivera is to be honoured who happens to be the guy behind the terrorist group FALN. The mayor has chosen to attend due to the public and corporate backlash.


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