The Process of Problem Solving

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According to Dr. Ridel, the process of problem solving need to follow five primary steps: identifying the problem. B) Discovering the main reasons of the issue. C) Brainstorming options that can be used to solve the issue. D) Evaluating all picks so as to choose the most appropriate one. Lastly, acting, monitoring and enhancing the solution.
Application of the critical questioning steps in education
One of the main duties of educators and instructors is to cultivate a critical wondering culture in their students. This is very important cause students are expected to make use of their brains appropriately in all sectors of life so that they can be able to think critically. For instance, when making decisions and solving problems either as a team or individually (Blenko, Mankins, & Rogers, 2010).
The first step is to determine learning objectives- this deals with defining the behaviors expected to be exhibited by students and targeting the behaviors based on higher order of thinking. Step two advocates teaching through questions- this is achieved through developing appropriate questions, enhancing appropriate techniques of questioning and encouraging discussions that are interactive. Step three encourages practice before assessing- this is achieved through choosing activities that encourage and promote active learning. It also addresses the utilization of all active learning components. Step four, reviews, refines as well as improves the method of teaching- this is done through monitoring all class activities and also through analyzing feedbacks collected from the students. The final step provides reliable feedbacks and assessments of the whole learning process- this is achieved by providing feedback to students, creating self-assessment opportunities and utilizing the feedback to improve future teaching instructions (Blenko, Mankins, & Rogers, 2010).
The solution to solving and handling personal problems is to clearly understand as well as implement a process that is well structured. This process enables the students to be good decision makers and thus valuable knowledge workers after schooling.

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