The Milk Maid by Johannes Vermeer

The Milk Maid is a painting done by Johannes Vermeer . It is one of the most influential paintings done by Johannes Vermeer and was inspired by his era and their tradition. Portrayed in the background of the painting is the foot warmer which is a perfect replication of what was mostly used in homes.
His chiaroscuro was relatively bold, though the objects developed lighting conventionally. His technical proficiency and fluency in some of his earlier works hits an odd note. Some of his works include, A lady writing a letter, Christ in the house of Mary, The procurous.
Despite the differences between his older and newer paintings, the broadness of execution, spatial organization, and scale is evidently reminiscent of his first artworks.Giotto di Bondone emerged during the era of Vermeer. During this time, the agricultural village life was displaced by the craftsmen, merchants, and traders and monasteries replaced by universities. Vermeer and Giotto did not only share the era and the artistic themes but also their chiaroscuro. They both used shading to illuminate their paints in three-dimensional spaces, which demonstrated the worldview instead of the traditional backdrops.Peter Paul Reuben’s is another renowned artist whose works have been celebrated during the Italian renaissance. Reuben was known for his unique character of demonstrating his psychological and emotional state by being an enthusiastic humanist. Since his work was captured during the early renaissance, Reuben’s artworks do not only touch on the political issues during this era but also captures the religious attention of the viewers. Occasionally, the artist demonstrated his styles in art by pointing some of the common struggles and challenges that people endure when they are under a particular rule.Similar to Reuben’s paintings, Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings are well recognized around the world and the two artists’ works, having been done during the early renaissance are more than mere pictures to the viewers who view them in the museums. Besides, the same way Reuben used chiaroscuro to depict the men’s struggle in the Elevation of the Cross, Da Vinci used the same style to add contrast to his paints.Diego Velazquez also lived in the 16th century era. He usually observed the central symmetry in his works, a variety of formality in his works and various elements. It is also worth recounting that Velazquez employed various logical styles in mapping the social and political worldview. However, unlike Velazquez’s paintings, which do not show any evidence of personal and emotional attachments, Raphael depicted a lot of emotions in his work to an extent that whenever his viewers looked at his paintings, they saw a personality build up in the paints. . Contrary to the renaissance painters such as Velazquez, Raphael painted life, which changed the artistic perception among the society.Artemisia Gentileschi is one of the few women who managed to feature in the Italian art world. The artist’s paintings were mostly natural with a complex mixture of colors, something that many critics attributed to her father’s aid, but Artemisia’s subject matter and her father’s worldview were completely different. However, her interest in art work and paining was influenced by her father Orazio Gentileschi. Her union application led to beautiful three-dimension works.Another great artist of the Italian renaissance is Jacopo Tintoretto. He was majorly influenced by Michelangelo, and copied most of his art work. He focused on replicating Michelangelo’s work but by adding more color in his works. What made Tirentto standout from the rest of the Italian renaissance artists was his ability to bring out concepts in colors that he used.Another amazing artist who lived during the 16th century is the German, Baldung Grien. Grien was print maker, a painter and a stained glass designer. Grien also influenced the works of Durer who was his student. was highly versatile and prolific and his large contributions to art included the allegorical and mythological compositions, portraits and religious works, whose allegories are nude females passing messages of death concepts.Tiziano Vecelli had several similarities with Grien as both of them painted Nude females in their works. Like Grien, Vecelli focused on religious and mythological subjects with the female nudes. His chiaroscuro had great influence on both the old and modern artists even today.The unione created in the works of El Greco definitely tell why he was one of the most artists of his time. His paintings influenced many artists and changed their perception and mentality about the world. One other famous artist who has greatly influenced the artistic world is Lucio Fontana. He was a theorist, a sculptor as well as a prolific painter known as the father of Spantialism.During the social change, universities replaced traders and monasteries while the agricultural village life was replaced by creaftsmen. Gioto di Bondone emerged during this era. His lamentation used artistics themes to emphasize on his paintings. His exhibitions depict the influence of his chiaroscuro while his shading depicted three dimensional paintings.Merisi Da Caravaggio painted Judith Beheading Holofernes in the late fifteen hundreds. It is about a young lady, Judith who is depicted in the painting to be standing at a fair distance as she decapitates Holofernes head. His chiaroscuro is greatly depicted in the painting as it also captures amazing body and human expressions. Besides Judith is the maidservant holding the bad that will soon be used to ferry the head. The unione in the painting expresses a disappointed young girl who does not seem to like what she is doing but again can’t help it. His artwork expresses the rise by the oppressed to try and bring a balance in the world. By chopping off Holofernes head, Caravaggio was portraying that Judith could be able to buy freedom in one way or another. If he were still alive today, his works would still have a great influence on the current society. Though injustice exists differently his paintings still show case someone who believed in equality in governance. Judith and her Maidservant by Artemisia Gentileschi The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer Girl With A Red Hat Johannes VermeerJudith Beheading Holofernes by Caravaggio

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