The Men as the Head of the Family

We may have deliberately or unknowingly resisted conventional roles throughout our lives. Based on what we have learnt about society, stereotypes have been developed in our thoughts. In other words, our conceptions of feminism and masculinity have been greatly influenced by society conventions. I've looked up to my father as the head of the house for a number of years now. I have not only viewed him as the head of the house but also the only person I can put my hopes on. In my entire life, I have lived in society, which believes that it is the father who is supposed to meet all the needs of the family. My society had taught me to respect fathers as the backbone of the families. Conversely, a mother is merely obliged to pick orders from their husbands and by extension from the society, and a wife belongs to the community. Having a father like mine while growing old has been the best and the greatest gift I have ever had. I observed from the many families around me, and truth be said many families are headed by fathers who are expected to provide everything for the family.

There are so many things that I have always believed that good fathers can do, which mothers cannot. Fathers and good figures for that matter have the last say on issues affecting their families. However, this does not mean mothers have no say. In fact, they can speak for themselves, but men are the final decision makers in the families even on matters that solely affect their wives. Real father figures are also expected of trustworthiness, open-minded, in cases of disagreements, they should never take sides, the sole advisor of the family, and most of all take his responsibilities without being reminded.

Growing up watching men in my community carry out their roles as expected had made me believe that that is how it is supposed to be. Men ought to be respected as the heads of their families. These made me see male figures as creatures next to God who not only lead the families but also provide the necessities for the same. This is what is expected of all the good fathers.

Although it is widely accepted that fathers are the heads of many families, there is an absolute fact we can never run away from. Mothers in the modern world provide the greatest in their families. Today, women who have become the sole providers of their families head many families. In addition, the ever-rising campaigns on gender equality have seen women take charge on decisions of matters concerning their families.

The harmful and wrong stereotype that has seen women put down based individuals’ and communities’ preconceived perception is being disregarded following many single-mother families, which of course lead better lives than those headed by men, giving a clear reflection that families can survive comfortably without the support of men. Living in the 21st century, I have observed mothers who are independent of the support from their husbands. This is not to mean that mothers and fathers should stop depending on each other. If anything, dependence among the couples is not an indication of weakness nor is independence a sign of being selfish. The balance between the two is healthy for the survival of the family.

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