The meaning of life difference of views

The Plurality of Humanity and the Meaning of Life

The plurality of humanity is fundamental to the ideas of the meaning of life. Despite individual differences, the sole goal and objective of all human beings is to live together in harmony and grow the globe into a better future. In view of the extreme nature of certain individuals and the occurrence of such acts of terror since the 16th century this concept remains open to discussion. It then dawns on researchers to decide the true meaning of life, a concept that is appropriate to all. Despite the search for a satisfying response, humans hold different beliefs, and that has been a major stumbling block towards reaching a consensus to establish the ideal meaning of life. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the reasons behind the difficult, almost an impossibility, of attaining a universal view on the meaning of life.

The Subjectivity of Truth and Values

According to the Cyrenaic, a group founded in 400 B.C. by a brilliant Socrates' student, the truth is subjective and is an innately individualized thing. The argument from the Cyrenaic's point of view is that which one believes is in line with the societally acceptable values and code of conduct (Hicks, Seto and Kim 4). Despite universally recognized concepts by society, some people still deviate from that when they believe that the community is violating some aspect of what they stand for. The truth and values help humans to perceive the world in different ways and hence contributing to their understanding of what life means. Since the truth and points of view cannot be universal, it then follows that humans will always hold contradicting and sometimes conflicting views regarding the meaning of life. It then follows without saying that the result would be to hold different perspectives regarding their purpose on earth and intended contributions towards humanity.

Albert Einstein's Perspective

According to Albert Einstein, one of the most brilliant minds the world has ever witnessed and the physicist behind relativity, the simplest meaning of life should be to gain satisfaction for oneself and others. He further went ahead to write to his son emphasizing that the highest stage of consciousness doubles up as the highest ideal. From this perspective, Albert believed that the ability of humans to think and create something out of nothing was the ideal meaning of life (McGrath 34). Nevertheless, it may be biased to take Albert's word for a controversial discussion that involves humanity. The man had the least respect for religion, and those that may not agree with all the provisions of science may find this school of thought dissatisfying and misleading.


In conclusion, the meaning of life is one sophisticated topic that may never get any conclusive and universal views soon. However, this state of affairs should not raise any alarms as humans are a diversified community, and that has played a major role in their development. The search to explore humanity and understand the concepts from a different perspective regarding life may, however, provide a deeper understanding of what different people and groups believe in regarding their existence. It is this ambiguity regarding the meaning of life after years of existence that makes this topic rather interesting and intriguing.

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