The Lessons We Get From Obstacles We Face

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My biggest fear has continually been failing in something that I have put a great deal effort in. For instance, I have for quite some instances put my focus and electricity in dancing competition with my peer friends. The race used to be competitive, and I feared losing and turning into embarrassed. I used to train very tough and ensure that with the aid of the time the next competitions are on set, I am effectively prepared. Little did I know that my biggest fear was imminent, and I was to face the last thing that I feared the most.
To deliver the matter into perspective, I like dancing which I have been a participant of aggressive dancing since I used to be 5 years of age till now at 17. The journey has been up tight as I began from the lowest level being comp prep and after successful competition advanced to rising stars. I put more efforts in my practices and competitions and managed to advance to two more levels from the rising stars to the junior company then advanced to the junior immediate company. I was overwhelmed and happy as I was living my dream and had yet to encounter my dreaded fear of losing in the competitions. The next level in the stages is the senior company which I was looking forward to participate in. However, my fear become reality when I could not advance to the senior company for ballet and jazz. The worst part of the ordeal is that all of my pals advanced to the senior company for ballet and jazz except me. I become embarrassed, frustrated and often did I think of quitting.

From this experience, I spoke to my instructor who provided both positive and negative critique. I decided to try a different senior company entity and I managed to advance to senior hip hop category. Had I given up, I would not have reached the senior company in the hip-hop category.

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