The issue of career and family

Throughout the beginning of time, women have been denied a strong opportunity to serve as leaders who shape and transform the social, political, and economic landscape. Yet, substantial shifts have occurred in the twenty-first century, with families consistently departing from conventional notions. In other words, when it comes to guaranteeing parity across all occupations, existing legislation has helped both genders. Jobs, according to Felice Schwartz, should be designed to match the workers. As a result, given the various hurdles, the jobs should be favorable to women. Schwartz contends that the distinction between men and women is based on childbearing. In that regard, the workplace should be structured to accommodate all genders in line with their challenges. The paper will dwell on the Ellen more case and try to answer why business should be open to everyone.

Schwartz argues that employing a woman is more costly than employing a man. He points that in most cases women will go for maternity leave and they do not come back as required after maternity leave. She asserts that employing women along with men is not a function of escaping gender differences. The cost is due to the policies and the cooperation being dominated by men. The impact of employing women lays into two: the issues to do with the maternity and cultural experiences on sexes. She further argues that women cannot stop giving birth but rather the impact on work place should be reduced. This can be achieved through addressing the issue of gender in relation to both sexes.

Interestingly, Schwartz does not agree with the believe of glass ceiling where women are not offered positions of increased responsibilities and prestige simply because they are women. Management tends to withhold important offers to women because in most case they do take maternity leave and in that case they are less productive to the corporation. In this way the management sees it so hard to promote women in relation to men. Schwartz quotes a statistic of how management should exploit the hidden talents in women. The management needs all talents it can get to improve its function. Women have pool of talents which are smart and pleasant to develop. The women are therefore significant resources for better ranking of businesses. The men gender currently is less and thus the corporations should make use of all available resources in the society. If the management would want to promote the qualified male, this will be a kind of discrimination and also there will be no enough number of males to promote.

In the career primary (CP) which means making all sorts of sacrifices which one would expect, both the men and female share such characteristics. For women entails putting off having children. Schwartz recommends that such barriers should be cleared. The CP women should act as role model to the rest of women at the job. The process of accomplishing the task of exploiting CP women is through: giving both the male CP and female CP the same opportunities and recognizing that the working environment is difficult for women.

The issue of career and family should not be a block for women in the management. Companies would exploit the rank of women with families for talented employees. Both men and female employees with the families should get equal promotion for employer should look effectiveness in the job.


The employers should be flexible to their employees regardless of the gender. They should also provide part time employment so as to also consider women with small kids back at home. All the gender should be treated equally in the work place and no one should be considered superior than the other.

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