The development of social media revolutionized how young people spend their time. A large number of adolescents communicate and share pictures and videos through the internet. The availability of portable networking devices that can access media has played a crucial role in and the amount of time spent on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s not uncommon to see a group of people sitting in the same spot, but each person is engrossed in their mobile phone. Social networking platforms are incredibly addictive, to the point that people are unable to focus in class due to texting and other media-related practices.
Some young people cannot stay for more than an hour without accessing the internet. Some sleep late in the night and wake up very early just to access the media. Parents see the obsession of young people with their phones as a negative behavior. Most see it as an addiction and condemn it very harshly. Social media is responsible for strenuous relationships. Young people find it easier to chat through the media instead of holding group discussions and socializing. Most of the groups formed in the media are not helpful to the young generation. However, it is possible to use social media for positive growth and constructive purposes.
The high number of people in social media from all ages and cultures make it a good platform for advertisement. Young people can form groups and start small businesses. Advertising the business in social media would attract many customers to the business. Most businesses have social media handles in major sites. The businesses use the sites to advertise new products in the market as well as responding to the concerns of the customers. In a similar way, the young generation can grow their income using social media by advertising their businesses and spreading information to potential clients. Advertisement in the media is not costly yet it holds the potential of getting to many people at once.
Most of the young people that spend most of their time in social media are students. Instead of using their phones in accessing social media when the lecturer is teaching, the students can form groups and use the groups in discussing assignments. Different people have different rates of understanding in class. The social media groups would offer a good opportunity for the students to discuss topics that are challenging to them. The groups would help in improving the individual performance of the students and raise the overall grades. Currently, many students fail because of spending excessive time in the media instead of concentrating on their academic work.
Social media through sites such as Google have unlimited information. It is possible to access information from specialists in various fields in the academic sector. Young people can use such resources to conduct research in academic assignments and expand the scope of their studies. Social media is not a bad platform. The usage of the media is what determines how the older generation views the media. The addictive nature of the media leads to obsession in it. As much as the media corrupts the morals of young people by accessing obscene material, it is also possible to make good use of the media. Business advertisements, formation of academic groups in the media and conducting online research are some of the ways that the young generation can make good use of social media.

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