The Importance of Volunteering

It is not possible to stress enough the need to be interested in a volunteering experience. There are quite a lot of advantages that accrue to both the user and even many other individuals just from a person who wishes to volunteer within the community. I was still at that point where I didn’t understand why a person would want to ‘waste’ their time helping others and earning nothing in return before I understood how important volunteering was. That is the basis of which I am able to pen down some of these issues without a doubt in my mind about how helpful this can be.
To better understand the benefits of volunteering it would be important to consider certain aspects from an individual’s perspective. First, many people always wonder and ask the question; what capability does volunteering help an individual develop? The answer to this question is simple. For a student to find time to volunteer, they would need to manage their time so well so as not to get behind in their school work, house chores, and other personal activities. Therefore, indeed volunteering helps one become a better time manager and also good at juggling many important activities at the same time. Also, there are personal benefits, the improvement of one’s personality. For you to devote your time and energy, you need to have compassion and kindness within you. The good thing about volunteering is this; it helps you have a greater depth of the needs and concerns of others, the more you volunteer, the more you get to be more compassionate and kind towards others. It helps you shift the focus from yourself and put the needs of others ahead of your own. I have realized that I have become more compassionate and although I was labeled as selfish growing up, I now realize more and more that people matter. Volunteering promotes personal growth and to a great extent improves one’s self-esteem.
Perfect examples of experiences that one can encounter are things like cooking for and feeding the homeless. Often people feel that life is unfair to them when they cannot have what they want, but an interaction with a person that does not know where their next meal will come from, leave alone having no place to sleep changes your perspective of life. It makes you stop complaining and become more grateful for what you have.
Despite all these, there is one other great benefit that cannot be overshadowed. Volunteering provides a great opportunity to test out a career and gain invaluable professional experience. Many employers are also on the lookout for certain traits and characteristics in their future employees, traits that can mostly be gained from volunteering. For example, volunteers get to learn the art of team work and proper coordination, and no employee that cannot function within a team setting would be helpful to any company. In other words, volunteering gives one employability skills. Also, many colleges that offer scholarships, appreciate these same skills in individuals, thus being involved in one, makes one’s resume stand out from the rest.
It goes without saying that, volunteering is such an important aspect of any community. There are benefits such as bringing communities together by uniting them towards working for a certain goal. There will always be a gap that needs to be filled in helping people. Thus the need for volunteers is a constant that needs people to answer the call and leave a mark in the lives of other people.

Part 2: Interview Questions
• WHY they volunteer
• WHAT they do
• HOW they got started
• HOW they manage their time
• Their SUGGESTIONS for how a student could get involved.
• Don’t forget you need to address ETHICS by ensuring you ask the person you interview if they are happy for you to use their thoughts and opinions in your assignment.

1. Could you briefly tell me what your organization does for the community around here and what it is involved in
2. Why did you decide to personally volunteer here?
3. What prompted you to start volunteering also How to did you start and where did you start?
4. Could you kindly tell me, how do you manage to properly find time to volunteer and also manage your personal time for other activities?
5. If you were to advice students, what would be your take on where they can get involved in volunteering?
6. What are some of the greatest challenges you have encountered in your volunteering experience?
7. In your experience what are the benefits you would say are found from volunteering?
8. As we wind up, What is your perspective to those people that want to be paid in order for them to volunteer?

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