The Importance of Cutting-Edge Technology in Healthcare

In today's fast-changing world, keeping up with cutting-edge technology is a critical factor in every industry.

Similarly, technology plays a crucial role in the healthcare sector, as it appears to be essential for improving healthcare delivery while also saving lives. Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical device production, for example, all contribute significantly to the advancement of healthcare systems and therefore appear to be highly relevant in medical practices (Mostashari, 2014). Indeed, technological advances continued to affect patient care and outcomes. This paper would suggest that providing up-to-date technology in the US healthcare system should be a top priority.

Technology in Healthcare

With the increased utilization of telehealth services, electronic medical records and the mobile technologies will help in attending to the patients adequately. Additionally, the evolution of the medical technology and integration of modern technological innovations will introduce the medical practitioners to new equipment that enable them to save many lives. Moreover, an up-to-date technology such as the use of patient portals enables the patients and the doctors to get faster access to the information required regarding the history of the patent, drug information, diagnosis and treatment (Barnard, 2015). Equally, an up-to-date technology will allow the medical providers to quickly identify potential health threats along with an examination of digital information such as CT scans and X-rays that help in the diagnosis and treatment process.

Integration of New Technology

Integration of the new forms of technology improves the quality of life. According to Mostashari (2014), "Medical technologies like minimally-invasive surgeries, better monitoring systems, and more comfortable scanning equipment are allowing patients to spend less time in recovery and more time enjoying a healthy life." Furthermore, new technology innovation has led to the creation of robotic surgeries, and thus physicians are not necessarily needed in the operation room along with reducing the patient recovery time. Equally, the modern technology will act as a breakthrough in the information gathering, communication, treatments as well as research. Correspondingly, this aspect will give the healthcare providers fresh and new ways to practice medicine. Notably, innovations in technology are highly considered to being the driving force behind the improvements in the healthcare delivery.

Innovations Lead to Improved Efficiency

Innovations lead to improved efficiency and better available treatment. Zeugolis and Pandit (2015) assert that accessibility to the healthcare treatment is one of the vital ways that technology has helped in shaping and changing the healthcare provision practices. Identically, the new technologies do open ways to the new exploration into the field of research along with allowing experts to formulate healthcare driven policies that enable efficient healthcare delivery. Efficiency is evident from the use of new technologies in the healthcare such the use of patient portals and computerized physician order entry (CPOE) (Mostashari, 2014). Comparatively, healthcare providers can document lab results and make a record of vital and critical data of the patient transforming the entire healthcare system. The increased level of efficacy in the healthcare translate into numerous breakthroughs in the medical field.


Indeed, having up-to-date technology should be a main priority in the US healthcare system. Updated technology will improve the healthcare and diseases control. Enhancing the priority of updated technology in a healthcare brings out a vital advantage of quick identification of illnesses, symptoms, and enhances the treatment process as well as playing pivotal role in the tracking of the procedures of the medical files. Moreover, updated technology will have a positive advantage on enhancing the quality and the efficiency of the medical process. Likewise, it derives tremendous benefits in the system electronic medical transparency and witness more crucial developments in the entire medical field.


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