The function of the criminal justice system

By locking u ing innocent people, the criminal justice system serves to guarantee impartiality for all.The government must also provide an effective, fair justice system and public accountability. Prisons must lower crime by rendering offenders helpless, punishing offenders, discouraging others from conducting crimes, and offering rehabilitation. The criminal justice system must be a strong public institution that is effectively managed, and above all, all citizens, regardless of their social or economic standing, must be treated equally. Andrew Sanders termed criminal justice as a multifaceted social establishment that controls possible, alleged and concrete illegal activity intended to guard people against wrongful treatment and conviction (Garside, 2008).

The role of Police in our Criminal Justice System

Police are involved in investigating reports of criminal offenses. They ensure the assaulted person and witnesses record statements, and the information assists in identifying a problem within the public. Police afterward investigate the matter to identify the offender, to determine if a criminal offense was committed, and help decide the course of action to take. The police department should maintain order, enforce criminal law, and provide services to citizens. Law enforcers must acknowledge the rights of suspected offenders and the rights of their citizens to avoid compromising an investigation where a crime was committed (Dunning, 2010).

Prosecutors' part of Criminal Justice System

These are lawyers that represent the state throughout the court events. They must analyze the proof from the police to decide on filing the charges or dropping the case in totality. They have to present sufficient evidence in court, interrogate eyewitnesses, and negotiate plea bargains with perpetrators. Prosecutors have to be competent for in them lies the choice of how to prosecute the case. The prosecutor has the responsibility for hearing as per jurisdiction, as an advocate, he must implement discretion in his presentation, provide justice and not just convict. Reforming and improving administrative, criminal justice and upholding the standards of professional conduct are also prosecuting attorney’s mandate ([email protected], 2008).

Defensive Attorney responsibility in the Criminal Justice System

They specialize in particular areas of law, run private practice, and are hired by the defendant. Defensive attorneys have a mandate of guiding the defendant, witnesses, and people involved in investigations with an objective of fixing the criminal via inquiries without filing criminal charges. They are considered law enforcers and must cross-examine the police to determine coercion and the testimony's fabricated to favor the other party (Klein, 2012).

The Judge's role in our Criminal Justice System

Judges run the courts, deduce law, gauge the proof, and control trials. They must be impartial in decision making in the pursuit of justice. In the criminal justice system, judges must be above reproach, independently assess the facts, and consider how the law applies to the material. They afterward convict the criminal if the evidence is sufficient with the help of a jury and pass their sentence. At all times, they ought to safeguard the rights of accused and protect public interests (Klein, 2012).

The effectiveness of our Criminal Justice System in Society

According to (Chris Coons, 2017), our criminal justice system is broken due to its concentration on criminalization and little on reintegration. There is a need to modify the system, especially that concerning juvenile delinquents, to make them productive. There is the need to adopt effective legislation and policies on public security, restoration, and fairness in the justice process.



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