The expanded syringe access program

The Extended Syringe Access Program

The extended syringe access program is a program funded by public health regulations that aims to increase syringe access and disposal among intravenous drug users. Syringe exchange programs are public health interventions that enable intravenous drug users obtain sterile needles at a lower cost. Given the necessity of keeping this program running, it is critical that funding is maintained on an ongoing basis. This is a plan in accordance with the liberal government to ensure that the project gets funded (Davis et al, 2005). It is important to note that the liberals believe in government action to achieve opportunities equal to all and the party by the liberals advocate for equality to all. The liberal parties believe that government has to alleviate any social ills to protect the civil liberties, individuals and also the human rights. The liberals also have the belief that the role of the government to solve problems.

The Liberal Government's Dream for Healthcare

It has been a dream for the liberal government to make health care insurance available and also affordable. It has been their dreams to reform healthcare delivery and make it accessible to all people. It is their dream to see there the human dignity taken to a higher a level by all stakeholders. They believe in human dignity being the source of national purpose. They also believe in human liberty as the source of the national action, the human heart as the source of national compassion and the human mind is believed to be the source of the party's invention and their ideas.

The Importance of the Expanded Syringe Access Program

Looking at the party's agenda and their wish to the citizens, then this Expanded Syringe Access Program is the best to ensure that the party increases their woe to the citizens. It is important to note that there has been a controversial issue in the program where it has even been banned. When the banning effect is analyzed, the cons are more compared to the pros. The reason to this is that more people are increasingly being infected with HIV/AIDS due to sharing of needles and syringes while injecting drugs. Many cases of AIDS are being documented in those places that this program is not being advocated by the government. Research shows that 63% of all the HIV cases which are among women results for the act of sharing needles and syringes during the injections of drugs. It is also important to note that more than a million people are living with HIV in the U.S. injection on drugs accounts for approximately 12% of HIV infections documented in 2006. These figures show that by the government funding the Program then cases of these infections will be reduced and the health of the local citizen will also be improved (Salek et al, 2017).


By the liberals advocating for the program, their interests for the citizens will be achieved. This area is more based on the health, and it has been the party's dream health care delivery has been made accessible to all people despite their economic class.


Davis, C. S., Burris, S., Kraut-Becher, J., Lynch, K. G., & Metzger, D. (2005). Effects of an intensive street-level police intervention on syringe exchange program use in Philadelphia, PA. American journal of public health, 95(2), 233-236.

Salek, T. P., Katz, A. R., Lenze, S. M., Lusk, H. M., Li, D., & Des Jarlais, D. C. (2017). Seroprevalence of HCV and HIV infection among clients of the nation's longest-standing statewide syringe exchange program: A cross-sectional study of Community Health Outreach Work to Prevent AIDS (CHOW) Project participants, Hawai 'i, 2012. International Journal of Drug Policy, 48, 34-43.

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