The Effect of Process Philosophy on Education

Process Philosophy and Education

Process philosophy is a discipline that works by combining past and future events earlier than making a decision. Process philosophy is used in many fields although over the past centuries education has been researched extensively. One of the earliest pioneers of the discipline Alfred North Whitehead argues that the best education enhances growth and connectedness and the place art and aesthetic appreciation in the broadest sense are dominant. The schooling system in the past focused on gaining information upon which one is subjected to a test. Understanding in this case is solely based on performance of a single examination.

Connectedness in the Education Sector

In order to obtain some sense of connectedness in the education sector, some aspects have to be put into consideration. It is assumed that the education process occurs in the classroom only although it depends on several factors such as the rhythmic cycles of growth in life such as romance, precision and generalization of facts (Kohli, 2013). In the event that a student falls in love the lessons learnt in the process impacts education. Over the years it has become necessary for educators to avoid judging students' performance on the first try. Education is a process that depends on gradual improvements.

Educational Process and Life

Life in general requires one to focus on certain aspects of life and in the process one learns important lessons. It is however important to note that life requires one to be creative, purposeful and enjoy the process (Sutinen, 2014). It is easier to relate education to process philosophy as one is required to master certain concepts. It is using the acquired knowledge that one can use creativity as a tool. Relatedness of education to process philosophy is clear in such instances of life.

The Traditional Classroom Setting

The traditional class room setting operates in such a way that the teacher leads students in discovering new concepts. The process is however bound to become monotonous making it difficult for students to grasp new concepts. It is hence important to ensure concepts such as art are introduced in classrooms. Romance on the other hand tends to evoke emotions amongst various participants. The learning process is designed to offer insight to students with the aim of evoking their inner creativity. Life also tends to be easier on students with access to all facilities necessary for education.

The Balance Between Pupil-Centered and Curriculum-Centered Approaches

Teachers have two types of curriculum that they are supposed to follow one being pupil centered while the other one is curriculum centered. Over the years it has been discovered that striking a balance between the two types of curriculum plays a role in improving a student's performance (Kohli, 2013). It is one of the most important balances that has to be made making it necessary for tutors to improve. The students centered approach provides important insight on how to handle different students in class. The curriculum centered curriculum on the other hand focuses on important details in the curriculum.


In the end it is clear that over the years various aspects of philosophy related to education are discovered. Students in the present age have a better advantage as various improvements are made in the education sector (Giuliano, 2015). Teachers have learnt important factors to incorporate in the curriculum in a bid to make students life easier. Process philosophy relies on important past and predicted future events to make decisions.


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