The Educational System's Inequality and Diversity

Children from all walks of life are enrolled in schools all over the world. Schools can integrate management processes that include all students as a result of this. In the same vein, this paper examines several publications that discuss different educational aspects that apply in schools about students' backgrounds.
According to Cruces, Domenech, and Gasparini (2014), an individual's level of education influences their well-being. Cruces et al. (2014), on the other hand, are able to point out that students should not be segregated based on their socioeconomic status. Instead, they should be taught in a nondiscriminatory, multicultural manner. Pozzo (2013) investigates teachers' perspectives on the effects of international students in their classrooms. This study demonstrates that each student possesses a different potential. Therefore, schools can organize interactive programs between students to help them learn from each other.
Nieto (nd) begins by pointing out the importance of language in any educational setting then adds that both the students and teachers quickly identify cases of communicational difference. Moreover, language barrier should not be a determining factor while teaching students in schools.
Furthermore, it is quite easy to identify students from marginalized backgrounds by their behaviors. For instance, the newcomers may not speak for many days on end due to the shock from the new surroundings. This dissociation can be serious that these individuals may contemplate suicide or escape (Dog, 2014). Unfortunately, some olden educational institutions like St. Francis in India used uncouth methods like corporal punishments to civilize the Indian children (Dog, 2014). Such practices should be avoided and instead apply human methods which allows the foreign students to adapt into their new environments.

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