The criminal justice field

Some rewarding and interesting career options are available in the criminal justice profession. With recent forensic technology developments and a constantly changing domestic and international environment, a job in law enforcement or criminal justice is almost guaranteed to be interesting. The legal system is continually expanding, and law enforcement is welcoming people with diverse professional and educational backgrounds into its ranks and job opportunities. (Campus Explorer, 2017, para.1). I have therefore chosen to study criminal justice as a career as a result of my career path exploration. I want to work as a computer security analyst specifically.

Attacks on PSAPs have increased dramatically over the past ten years. (Public Safety Answering Points). Previously, these PSAPs were handled by IT experts, but today, Criminal Justice agencies require a team of information security police officers to be in the frontline in preventing assault and disruption of critical networks, which has become the order of the day. The information security analysts will also be expected to work on safeguarding PSAPs from attacks. In the recent years, there have been dozens of violations posing unique threats.

Information Security Analyst

Information security is a growing field with critical importance, particularly, in protecting the computer networks of a government agency or organization from cyber threats. The personnel develop, manage, and controls security tactics to ensure that computer networks are monitored and regulated. Cybersecurity threats are continually increasing for both government agencies and businesses, which have made the responsibility of an information security analyst critical (Doyle 2016, para.1). In this regard, this paper will discuss several significant reasons the role of an information analyst is crucial to any law enforcement agency.

A growing field

The most challenging part is to settle into a well-paying job in today's crowded market. Therefore, it is critical to making a decision ahead of time to ensure you are getting into a field that is solid. The area of Information Security is a suitable bargain because of the external threats that websites face today. Moreover, cyberterrorism has become a new menace to national security. Accordingly, criminal justice experts are being relied on to come up with appropriate measures to curb the vice. There are three main elements of cyber security that the communication department of law enforcement agencies should master. They are threat intelligence, event acumen, and enrichment (Stephan, 2017, para. 4).

Wide variety of job duties that are challenging

An information security analyst (ISA) has a broad array of responsibilities in the communication department that will test an employee who gets bored easily. First, an ISA is responsible for keeping an eye on the agencies networks to ensure there are no breaches. However, if there is a violation, they are expected to investigate it. Second, they are supposed to install the most recent data encryption software and firewalls. They are also supposed to run updates to protect the sensitive information of the organization.

Thirdly, they provide the officer in charge of security breaches reports. Fourth, they perform fake cyber-attacks on companies to see the level of security the networks have. They also conduct researches, make recommendations and implement advanced security practices. Sixth, they develop a manual, outlining the most appropriate security practices and standards in the organization. Lastly, they conduct security standards that are informative and heads meetings for other staff to provide them with the training they require (Editors, 2015, para.3).

Pleasant environment for working

ISAs can operate in many industries such as finance, computer systems design, information and insurance, and other businesses that are web-based. Further, because of the nature of the job, ISAs are given a serene and enjoy the privacy of a closed office. Additionally, when contracted to investigate a breach in the computer networks, they are given a tranquil environment to operate in. Therefore, it is clear that it is an office job. Various employers hire security analysts on a full-time basis and expect their staff to work for up to 40 hours a week.

Nonetheless, some bosses prefer analysts that can be available whenever they call them to respond to emergencies. Hence, for those individuals who get bored because of routine, they can escape it by becoming on-call information security analysts. Moreover, whatever the hours an ISA is expected to work for, this job has the least level of stress, offers excellent chances for promotion and improvement and it is very flexible (Criminal Justice Law 2017, para.3).

A well-paying job within five years of education and working experience

A large number of information security analysts begin with a bachelor's degree in Computer science or any information technology related course. However, before concentrating on an information security career, you should add some years of systems and network administration on your resume. Moreover, being well-versed in law in addition to having knowledge in computer technology and networks will help the personnel create, manage, and protect law enforcement databases.

Positive job outlook and great salary

The average salary for an information security analyst in the IT security job field is around $86,000 per annum. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2017), information security analysts employment is projected to increase by 28% as of 2016 to 2026, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. The demand for these analysts is very high, and they will be required to develop creative solutions to deter hackers from stealing vital information or causing mayhem to computer networks (p. 6).

Moreover, it is expected that the federal government will mostly increase its use of information security analysts to protect the country's sensitive information technology systems. Further, as the industry of healthcare expands its use of electronic medical records, ensuring the privacy of patients' and protecting data that is personal is becoming critical. Hence, additional information security analysts will be required to create the safeguards necessary to meet the patients' needs (Truity, 2017).

Safeguarding sensitive information in Criminal Justice Agencies

The criminal justice agencies store all crucial information such as the bank, as well as clients and employees' details. Such vital data is stored in the computer system and is very confidential. Therefore, it demands the protection of ISAs. The officers have the responsibility of safeguarding all vulnerable information kept on the computer network. Therefore, without an ISA in the law enforcement agencies, then evidence and confidential information are likely to be compromised. Moreover, a glitch in the law enforcement networks may jeopardize the country's security (Criminal Justice Law, 2017, para.2).

Additionally, information security analysts have a responsibility to act in Marine Corps as their data assurance and security technician. In the Air Force, they work in the cyber systems operations and cyber surety. Further, their role in the Army is that of cryptologic network welfare specialist and military intelligence systems, as well as information welfare in the navy. The personnel is also referred to as Information System Manager or Information Security Managers. They conduct investigations into issues, especially when the organization's Information Technology System has been attacked. They put in place actions necessary to resolve the matter (Criminal Justice Law, 2017, para.3).

Preparing for an Information Security Officer Career

Anyone aspiring for a career in information security should be an excellent troubleshooter and must be in possession of strong analytical thinking abilities. The analyst should also have strong communication skills because they will need to communicate with the higher management to explain plans for security and discuss security matters. Additionally, skills for public speaking will assist them to impart training sessions and hold meetings. However, in addition to having the excellent technical know-how, the aspirants should possess strong leadership, communication and conflict management skills.


Therefore, from the arguments presented above, it is clear that a career in the Criminal Justice system is not only available but also significant. Notably, it helps a person contribute positively to safeguarding the security of the nation. Further, the job is convenient and not boring because of the full range of activities that come with the profession. Besides, this field is a continuously growing; hence, it has room for promotion and advancement. No one wants to remain in the same position for the rest of their life.


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