The Cost of College

The Value of College

The value of college consists of then different costs which a pupil incurs while pursuing his or her education in the college. The cost therefore involves the different expenses incurred in the charge of the tuition fees, the accommodation and the daily protection of the college. There are various arguments by the students that the value is but the management and the government insists that the price isn't.

High College Cost

There are different factors which are main to the increase in the level of the cost of the university education which occurs in various degrees whereby some elements are controllable while others are not. The increase in the level of inflation in the economy is said to be one of the major reasons why the college fees have been increasing over the years and the reduction in the government support to the students (Vargas,14).

The Cost of College is Growing

The cost of college is growing more and higher as the different numbers of students get more and higher in the different colleges. The tuition fees of the various colleges have been hiking over the years, and this makes the cost to be high. The high cost in the different fields in the college education has made the most of the students from the poor parents not to be able to acquire the education they needed as some of them are being forced to change their colleges and courses with the aim of joining the colleges with a lower fee. There are the different arguments of the different governments' fund which is used in supporting the college education in the form of loans to the students. The different federal funds which are given to the different students means that there has been an increase in the level of the reduced burden to the parents' side. These funds are not accessible to all the students and hence make some of the students find it hard to cope with the increasing level of the college fee. The cost of the college though being subsidized by the government, it is quite high to the parties involved, and this has led to an increase in the other emoluments fees by the different college managements. The increase in the fees is associated with the higher improvement in the social class where these colleges are situated. There has also been a reduction in the amount of amount of the funds which are given to the students in the form of loans to the different students over the years by the government (Oreopoulos,44).This means that the other higher balances will be left for the students to cater for themselves to make the payments too and hence high costs to them. Most of the state support is done in the public colleges and universities which means that there will be no support or little support offered to the students in the private colleges and hence incur the high burden cost in their studies.

Profit-Making Colleges

Most of the colleges in the nation have turned into profit institutions whereby the college education is being carried out for the profit gains. Different private colleges have been established in the different parts whereby they have increased their college fee nevertheless the quality of their education is poor. Most of the colleges have been established as a result of the increasing number of the students who are willing to join the different colleges after completing their high school education and hence the high demand has made many colleges start operating. The limited number of the public colleges have made the different individuals in opposition to establish their colleges. The cost of the degrees offered in the different colleges has been hiked whereby the students are required to pay a certain amount of fee per the unit they are pursuing in a certain semester (\u0160krinjari\u0107, 174).This has been quite challenging to most of the students as this leads to a higher overall college cost at the end of the process. The high college cost has also been made so by the different additional charges which are implemented to be outside the tuition fee. These costs are like the medical fee and the accommodation fee.

The Popular Culture of Attending College

The existing popular culture of that the different individuals need to go to the college for them to be successful in life has mushroomed the increase in the cost of college education. This has made the different colleges to increase their cost as they are aware that the number of the students will remain to be high too.

Accommodation and Living Costs

The different students require accommodation for them to be able to attend the different lectures in the school. This has made the students who are far and also those near the college to seek for the provision of the accommodation services in the school. The accommodation cost in the different hostels is quite high, and most of the school-based students find it difficult to cope with. The limited number of the hostels in the different colleges have made the colleges to agree with other different tenants who have their apartments near the colleges. These are the ones who rent the students the different areas of their accommodation. The cost of accommodation outside the college is quite high for the student to be able to stay throughout their college studies (Cusumano,26).The different colleges do not offer the food services to the students but operate in the cafeteria way. The students have to eat from their pockets, and this is quite expensive for the students to handle throughout their college education. The food in the cafeterias is highly priced as they act as joint eateries for the students and the lecturers too. The high cost of living in the college together with the high cost of the tuition fees makes the college education costs higher. There are other spending which the students undergo while in the college. The students are required to possess stationery with them, and they are also required to make different submissions of printed work in the form of assignments from the different class works.

Is the Cost Justified?

Cost of the college education is also argued not to be high but meet the current changes. The increase in the economic inflation rates which affects the cost of living, the different students cost of the education is also termed to be as the colleges will be required to operate as before. The increase in the population is the one which has led to a decline in the loan from the government loan allocation to the different students will mean that there will be a decline in the cost of the education fee and hence make it efficient for the diverse students to learn (Oreopoulos,47).The education cost is also assumed not to be high by the different management as this is ascertained to the various changes in the economic factors in their environment and the medical cost which leads to high costs. The other activities which made the cost seem to be high for some students are also the cost of the stationeries, and hence this should only be regulated by the government.


The cost of college education is high, and this is based on the different economic changes like inflations and reduced government support and hence if these are solved the cost will be reduced.

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