The community health action plan

The community health action plan specifies the interventions that will be implemented to address the Red Deer Valley community's health population concern. Given the demography of the region, it is clear that people are sensitive to drug and substance addiction, oral health difficulties, and chronic diseases, among other things. As a result, this article proposes a community health action plan that will aid in the restoration and maintenance of good health in the Red Deer Valley community. Community health priority for the community action plan

To improve the community oral health and minimize the use of tobacco

To discourage substance abuse so as to enhance health quality within the population

Local community objectives

The major goal of the local community is improving the oral health of the population members. Many locals within the Red Deer Valley community are not knowledgeable on oral care strategies. As a result, almost 30 percent of the population is either suffering from tooth decay, mouth ulcers, bad breath, tooth loss, and oral cancer among others.

Another objective is to reduce instances of chronic illnesses among the population. According to healthcare statistics, the almost 40 percent of the population is suffering from obesity and other chronic diseases. This is attributed to the nature of lifestyle in the region. Given the high number of high and middle-class persons, there is the propensity to lead an unhealthy exercise of consuming junk and inorganic foods (Knowlton et al., 2016). The outcome is the development of chronic diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, heart failure, and diabetes among others.


According to the census bureau data, the people of the Red Deer Valley town comprises of 1232 individuals. With a median income of 32,020, the community seems to consist of at least 60 percent middle and upper-class persons. Approximately 30 percent of the town population lives on or below the stated national poverty level.

Considering the social classes of the community, there is a higher probability of leading unhealthy lifestyle (Metias et al., 2017). The location of the town in the rural areas limits the number of activities they can engage in. As a result, drugs and substance abuse may be a bigger option. From the health reports, approximately 20 percent of the population is using tobacco and about 40 percent of the male population is using alcohol. The use of these drugs and substances possess a significant risk to the community.

(i) The target population for the action plan

This action plan, therefore, targets the following number of persons within the community:

For oral health care: 30% of 1232 = 370 persons

Chronic illnesses: 40% of 1232 = 493 persons

The action plan will, therefore, target the 370 persons suffering from oral health issues, and 493 that are suffering or at a risk of contracting chronic diseases.

(ii) Impact of the action plan

The impact of the action plan is obtained from:

Total number of people to be reached x 100

Total population

863 x 100 = 70%


The impact of the action plan would, therefore, be 70 percent.

Areas for 2020 focus plan

Below are the major areas that the action plan will cover consistent with the healthy nation 2020 vision.

Tobacco use

Physical activities and nutrition

Substance abuse

Oral health

Chronic diseases

Selection of intervention strategy

Strategy/ intervention

Strategy/ intervention goals


Resources needed

Campaign for proper oral care

Inform the population about the risks of improper oral health.

Create awareness of the illnesses caused by poor oral health.

Use posters to educate the population on the dangers of such conditions.

Conduct open air crusades teaching and illustrating the need for proper oral care.

Use film to educate people on the importance of oral health

Printed posters.

Truck for moving around and performing the campaigns

Projectors for teaching

Campaign against drug use

Create awareness of the risks associated with drug use.

Use posters to educate the population on the risks related to drug use.

Conduct open-air crusades teaching and illustrating the need avoid using drugs.

Use film to educate people on the social, economic, and psychological dangers associated with drug use (McKenzie, Neiger, & Thackeray, 2016).

Printed posters.

Truck for moving around and performing the campaigns

Projectors for teaching

Promotion of healthy living

Create awareness on proper nutrition

Inform the population on the benefits of exercises

Educate the community on the signs and symptoms of chronic diseases and how to manage them (Boone et al., 2016).

Use of posters to educate them

Conducting open air crusades to create awareness on the health basics

Using film and projector to educate them on importance of good health

Printed posters.

Truck for moving around and performing the campaigns

Projectors for teaching

Treatment of the affected persons

To manage the prevalence of existing conditions

Administration of treatment, drugs and other medical interventions to manage the actual detrimental impacts mentioned above.

Medical facility and equipment


Boone, P., Elbourne, D., Fazzio, I., Fernandes, S., Frost, C., Jayanty, C., ...& Walker, P. R. (2016). Effects of community health interventions on under-5 mortality in rural Guinea-Bissau (EPICS): a cluster-randomised controlled trial.The Lancet Global Health, 4(5), e328-e335.

Knowlton, A. R., Weir, B., Fields, J., Cochran, G., McWilliams, J., Wissow, L., &Lawner, B. J. (2016).Pediatric Use of Emergency Medical Services: The Role of Chronic Illnesses and Behavioral Health Problems. Pre-hospital Emergency Care, 20(3), 362-368.

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