The Communist as an Alternative to Capitalism

The Weaknesses of Capitalism

The communist can be used as an alternative for capitalist because of its weaknesses in the market and other dysfunctional side effects. Capitalist neglects the basic bourgeois ideology of fair exchange and thus leaves it to collapse. The ideology leaves the economic system to the politics which depoliticizes the relations of production. Hence creating the need of legitimization. The affairs of capitalism no longer support secure the conditions of production.

The Discontent of the Bourgeois

According to bourgeois ideologies: capitalist does not offer any support in facing basic needs such as sickness, guilty and death and therefore are considered disconsolate. Additionally, failing to make possible human relations that have fundamentally objective nature. The mechanism fails to permit intuitive access to the relations of the solidarity within the groups and individuals. Moreover, allows real and political ethics that accommodate objectiveness and self-interpretation of the acting subjects. Only the bourgeois that seems autonomous and faces great demand for the employment.

Marx's Vision on Communism

Marx vision on the communist as an alternative to capitalist argues in various ways. Communism does not deprive any manpower to appropriate the products of the society. The ideology subjugates man on labor and other means such as appropriation. It is seen that upon the idea of abolishing work from private property will increase universal laziness and therefore overtake many developments. The ideology has resulted in the feeling of idleness among the people because they view that those who acquire great things don't work. The ideology gives the impression brings another tautology that states that there can no longer be any wage-labor when there is no capital. These charges against communism are made from the religious and philosophical perspectives and show that can be used as an alternative to capitalist used today.

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