The Berlin Wall from a visual perspective: comments on the construction of a political media icon

The berlin wall is used in the essay to highlight the definition of "icon" at its core. What is iconic or not has been determined in part by the media. The connection between media types explains why they are having a growing impact on how society thinks. Most crucially, pictures, sculptures, photos, and other artifacts like the Berlin Wall serve as a reminder of significant occasions that have shaped world history. They merit the label ""Iconic"" in that regard. The social fabric of the populace is permanently glued by the extraordinary experiences that define political events. As such ""Icon"" is a definition that denotes a memorable personality or objects that represent a given era. For instance, the berlin wall is an Icon as it illuminates the bitter separation of German families for a decade. Besides, it marked the climax of Cold War.

The visual presentation provokes imaginations of the past and that gives media power to dictate perception. The article emphasizes blending media with politics to elevate an object, or an individual to "Icon" status. In fact, Icons are associated with specific dates and they provoke nostalgia among old generation while eliciting imagination of the young people as far as world history is concerned. It is fascinating to read about the complex political undertones that are associated with the Iconic Berlin wall. However, questions can be asked in the article to explore the political forces that led to the emergence of Berlin Wall as an Icon. Politicization of pictures promote them to become symbol of an era hence qualify as "Icon".

In relation to the political mysterious and controversies that Berlin Wall represent, this question can be asked;

Was the Berlin Wall a political convenience for Western democracies more than their freedom rhetoric suggested?

Work cited

Benjamin Drechsel.Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for European Historv and Public Spheres,Vlenna/Giessen, Germanv. The Berlin Wall from a visual perspective: comments on the

construction of a political media icon.

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