The American Civil war

From 1861 to 1865, the American Civil War

was waged in the United States of America. The conflict stemmed from a protracted debate over state rights and enslavement. It's referred to as the first contemporary conflict to ever take place. (Give me liberty, an American History 503).

Slavery, which is cited as the direct cause of the revolution

was one of the main causes of the American Civil War. (Voices of freedom, a documentary history 281). The argument over the future of enslavement was the problem that led to the dissolution of the union. The dissents amounted to secession, which in turn resulted in war (Give Me Liberty, an American History 505). Notably, the territories in the Northern and Western states went to war so that the Union could be preserved. On the other hand, the Southern states went to war to develop Southern independence with its constitution as a confederation of states. Stephen who was a renown political figurehead in Georgia argues that the civil war emanated not from slavery but from constitution where the southerners purposed to safeguard state sovereignty (Voices of Freedom, a Documentary History 280).

Slaves were utilized by the agrarian South

to work in plantations, which were large. The slaves could also carry out other duties. On the night prior to Civil War, more than four million Africans together with their descendants worked as slaves in the South. However, although only a small portion of the total population owned slaves, the Southern economy was interwoven into slavery. The Southern people could rent slaves, trade them or use the slaves to settle debts. Individuals who owned handful of slaves commanded respect. It also played a huge part in establishing one's social position in the society. The slave value escalated as the prices of land and cotton dropped. This disagreement between the Northern, Western and Southern states was one of the main causes of the American Civil War.

America could not be considered a homogenous society by the year 1860

Areas that were defined could be pointed out. The regions had completely contrasting outlooks and values, which was another main cause of the American Civil War. The scenario was later clearly demonstrated during the divide of the North versus South, which were the two major sides during the war period. The South was a region characterized by agriculture with non-slaveholding small-scale farmers (Give Me Liberty, an American History 504). Cotton and tobacco were the major strengths of the area's economic robustness. The region depended on the exportation of their products to Western Europe markets and the UK's class structure.

The North on the other hand was completely different from the South

The differences gave rise to propaganda, which mobilized opinion from both North, and South region's residents (Give Me Liberty, an American History 506). Notably, the region accepted entrepreneurs who were viewed as a fundamental facet of America's industrial development. Residents kept commuting from their social places leading to social mobility. Majority of the first entrepreneurs in America relocated to North America due to the weakness of the social class. The North was made up of a mixture of nationalities and regions, which were completely different from the South. This is cited as another cause of the American Civil War.

In addition, the state's rights was a main issue that triggered and spurred the American Civil War

The states in the South wanted their authority asserted over the federal government to get rid of the laws that they did not agree with, particularly ordinances that prohibited slave ownership and perpetuating slave trade. The states purposed to expand slavery into Western region territories. However, the North was dedicated to maintaining the same open to white labor only. The aforementioned differences between the Northern and the Southern states gave rise to the American Civil War.


The issue differences between the Northern and the Southern States concerning slavery and the state rights were the principle reasons behind the American Civil War. The two major regions failed to solve their issues amicably thereby triggering the war.


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