Technology Discussion

The Problem with College Freshmen Reading Levels

The billions of bucks spent by parents and government of United States to take and keep students in colleges occasionally goes into waste as the studying level does not reflect the grade of the learners. Average university freshmen find it difficult to examine past 7th-grade level, or others reach grades 9, but their studying level is below their grade (Devon).

The Role of the Education System

With the current vogue in technology, where students own private devices such as cellphones and laptops for the purpose of learning, most people will discover it easy to put blames on technology, but this is wrong. It is the system that has failed to propel and encourage the students to work hard in the colleges.

The College Freshman 7th-Grade Reading Level Epidemic

The college freshman 7th-grade reading level epidemic has nothing to do with technology, rather, it comes as a result of the failure to raise the standards for teaching and learning in the states (Devon). Mainly, the bad system affects students in math and science. The middle school is focused on the results rather than learning the concept (Mathews). The system has conditioned the learners in a way that they only remember key facts for tests and later forget them after passing the examination.

The Importance of a Good Learning System

I consider the introduction of technology in our schools as a boost to the education system. With a well-established learning system, the students will be able to use laptops and cell phones for the right thing; doing research for their assignments and further readings. But if they are sure of passing with just memorizing the notes, they will find themselves using the gadgets unresponsively. It is only through a good design learning and teaching methods that colleges can inspire young people to find passion in life, reach their heart's desires, and have propionate reading pattern (Mathews).

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