Strategic management plans for organizations

This is a document that a business uses to express its internal goals, objectives, and priorities. The term "stability" refers to the state of a building's structural integrity, as opposed to the "stability" of the building's structural integrity. Using the management plan, the business can agree on the desired objective, assess its response to changes in the environment, and make any necessary adjustments.

A strategic management plan should involve the public, and an institution should be accountable to the community for its goal and purpose. During construction of a strategic management plan for an organization, the primary concern should be how the organization performs as a corporate. By shifting the focus to the corporate aspect of the organization, the planning is able to allow for long term plans that affect the performance of the organization in the end. This plan should then be equipped with follow up plans to track down the progress of the organization as a corporate. (Local government association, 2012, p. 12)

Risk management should be a plan that ensures the management plan work without risking failure of the organization while at the same time ensuring a satisfying performance. The strategic planning should allow the managerial team to make tough decisions on what activities to partake and what activities to reject according to the organizations leadership. The strategic planning process should be formal such that the decisions made regarding opportunities made by the organizations are indeed evidence based.

A SWOT analysis should be a part of the strategic management planning process in order to identify the organizations strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This allows the management to make viable decisions about future investments and opportunities. The strategic plan should maintain a simplicity that allows easy understanding of an organization purpose, goals, objectives and yet maintaining a requisite insight of strategies the organization will embark on to achieve its objectives.

Question 2.

Employees’ assessment survey

Please answer the following questionnaire to help us know your opinion on various aspects of the company.

Q1. For how long have you worked for this company?

1 year


5 years

Less than 6months

Q2. The company offers the best salaries to their employees

Strongly agree


Neither agree/disagree


Strongly disagree

Q3. Have you used the Enterprise resource planning (ERP) before?



Not sure

Q4. Do you feel like the company fairly compensate their employees in terms of health, retirement benefits and other labor relations as per the legal regulations of human resource management?



Definitely not

Probably not

Not sure

Q5. According to your opinion the products provided by the company

Are of high quality

Meet the needs of the clients

Require modifications to suit need of consumer

Are of low quality and should be out of market

Are offered at fair prices thus affordable

Are too expensive

Q6. Of the technical engineering skills useful to the company, you would pride yourself as being conversant with

Technical support skills

Programming and coding

Data collection and analysis

Computer modelling

Software quality assurance skills

Q7. Are you of the opinion that

The company’s leadership is a success

The company need better leaders in future

A change in the management of the company would improve productivity

The management is committed to attaining company’s’ goals

The current management have contributed to the slow growth of the company

Q8. Are you motivated to keep working for the company and see it succeed

A little motivated

Very motivated

Not at all motivated

Not sure

Q9. Which would you be hard to pack during shipping?

1tonne of steel rolls

1tonne of lead

1tonne of tissue rolls

1tonne of sand

1tonne of ballast

Q10. In your opinion, what department required improvement within the company

The financial department

The human resource department

The managerial department

The legal department

The sales department

The research department

Maintenance department

Question 3.


Internal assessment of an organization is an important component of the strategic management planning. It allows the company to analyze data and formulate a profile according to the previous company performance. In order to come up with an accurate profile, the organization carry out surveys among its employees to gather information that is useful in reviewing the company’s performance. This assessment combined with an external one enables the company to analyze their strengths, weakness, opportunity and threat.

There are various components of the internal assessment process among them: reviewing of the organizations framework and the mission statement. These helps in determining whether the business is working towards achieving what it says it would in the mission vision and value statement (Kennedy, 2017). It also allows review whether the processes used are leading to the optimal achievement of purpose. Another component allows market research be conducted. This ensures early involvement of the management in the planning process.

It also important for resource analysis that allow the company to assess their assets and liabilities including staff, equipment’s and facilities. Internal assessments is also essential in the financial analysis of the company, which help in strategizing future financial projects. By conducting assessment surveys, the organization is able to get an inner look at the company’s situation and make decisions that are sensitive and nonbiased. It is also important in identifying company’s weaknesses and making necessary adjustments.


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