Stereotypes of Race

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I believe that in most of the common U.S. media, the Arabs are unfairly represented. The evidence presented relate to the high degree of stereotyping faced by the group and to the prejudice faced by the community in the United States. The presented hypothesis within the outlined case study is backed by numerous factors. It is clear, for instance, that in Hollywood, the Arabs are poorly portrayed in different films. They are expressed as aggressive, lascivious, mystical, prejudiced, hateful and misogynistic, for instance. Furthermore, the case also sets forth that the Hollywood cinema utilizes various terms which portray the community as terrorists thus making the members a subject of manipulation by the region’s politicians. Question Two
The popular media of the United States is known for its discrimination and stereotyping. Evidently, the media has similarly treated other ethnic communities as the Arabs. The Muslims are also negatively brought out by the media. Apparently, the case shows that the Muslims and the Arabs are coded as the “Others”. As a result, the politicians have placed them in a position considering them as latent enemies besides being utilized as scapegoats in the noted xenophobic tendencies in the region. Other communities which are negatively portrayed by the U.S media besides the Arabs include the Jews. The case reveals that the Jews were portrayed in a negative way in the films recorded in the 1930s and 1940s in the US popular media. As a result, they were considered as great enemies to the value of the United States defined in a mythodological battle of the Christians verses the Muslims as well as the good and the bad in the society.

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