Sport and Injury

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Koby is 18 years basketball participant from San Mateo, but he is a freshman at USF. Koby went Carlmont for high school, and he has been playing basketball for the reason that the first grade. However, he ran the cross-country the final semester of high school even though it was for fun and to get in shape. Playing basketball was greater serious to Koby since he played for high faculty and club teams outside the school. For basketball, Koby has continually been a keen player who would always preserve his fitness and power of the game. Basketball is a highly aggressive and aggressive sport that can make one get knee injury particularly due to the courtroom surface. Playing football was fun for Koby hence he used most of his time playing for the school team and clubs.

Koby has played the league for his senior year while in high school. Although not that much, Koby has got relatively good amounts of accomplishments that he is proud of all times. Initially, he made it to the second team which is selected by the committee. The committee has the obligation of selecting the best players at every position from the whole league after which they pick the first, second and third teams on the honorable mentions. Koby has always been happy for selecting into the second team since it is a great accomplishment which requires commitments. Also, he has won two games across his senior and junior which made him excited. Koby has always been happy and found it being fun when celebrating with the entire team outside of school basketball. In several tournaments, Koby has always been a star.

Injuries in sport are frequently unavoidable, but they can be managed with minimal disruption in participation to other activities and sport. Like any other athlete, Koby was not an exceptional of sports injury. Throughout his sports life, he has been having recurring injuries in his knees and ankles, but the most frequent injuries were those of the knees. According to Koby, the injury takes away what he was able to do and his capabilities. At all times, he has always been cautious to avoid hurting his knees after the previous injury which affected the performance. With the ankles, he could roll them sparing them a lot and very often. However, Koby has always been cautious and worried about his knees when he jumped and ran because he did not want to reaggravate his injuries.

The initial effects of injury were was recurring since if they happen again they would affect his playing capability particularly that of the knees. Besides, the injuries affected him during his high school career as well as in general life like walking around with a limp. Also, Koby found it being funny while walking with one limp as well as not attending school due to injuries related to sport. There is always pressure to be part of the team since for basketball you have to sit out many weeks while having injuries which is not fun watching your team mates play games when you know you could be assisting.

The impact of an injury to the moving forward of the athlete is an issue that Koby can tell from his personal experience. “Injuries definitely have a great effect on athletes moving forward. And that is unfortunate thing” said Koby when asked the effects of injuries. He fears injuries so much since the body can break down at any moment while challenging the opponent or when running and defending. Injuries are accidents that cannot be avoided especially when in a competitive sport like basketball which means that the most involved body parts including ankles and knees are vulnerable. Koby recounts the effects of injury to the athlete when considering the professional and college athletes since a young player can tore his anterior cruciate ligament at the age 21 after a similar injury two years ago. The kind of injury affects the performance of the athlete making him or her barely average player.

During his sophomore year, Koby had recurring ankle injuries that averted him from playing on and off. When the injury happened at the first time, he hurried to come back and play again which worsened the condition since there was another injury. The pressure of coming back to the team worsened the injury making him stay out of the game for more time than he could have stayed if he was fully healed before coming back. It was not comfortable when playing again since Koby was always cautious about reinjuring his ankle due to the fear of staying out of the team. The ankle injuries were severe since they kept him out once a week because they happened repeatedly. Although the injuries happened over his senior and junior years, they started during the sophomore year when the performance was at the peak. Injuries affected Koby enormously because they kept him out of his basketball career in high school, but he had to play through it. However, the injuries are better since he does not play that much although he is still active in the sport.

Koby has been optimistic at all time even when having injuries since he believes that an athlete has to bounce back even after a severe injury. However, Koby believes that basketball injuries are better than those of football since there are concussion protocols that impact the performance. According to him, concussions can cause the CTE which damages the brain heavily causing symptoms such committing suicide. Besides, Koby has always keen with one of the former NFL player from New England who committed suicide which came out due to concussion protocol. Based on his perception and personal experience, baseball players in high school who have shoulder injuries can revoke the scholarship, and they cannot play any sport. According to Koby, players should always be keen to avoid recurring injuries because their performance and general life can be affected negatively. Moreover injuries can lead to unplanned decisions and stress leading to the termination of living.

Presently, playing basketball is not fun to Koby since he has to take care of his limbs to avoid the recurring of injuries. The injuries ruined his basketball career, but they are not hurting that much since he does not play that a lot. No one knew if all-time star who won the second team would not have joined the NBA if not due to recurring ankle and knee injuries. The injuries limit him from performing to his top since he fears to hurt the limbs again thus ending his career and fun of basketball permanently.

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