Social Location and Family Diversity

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Several years ago, Family range was referred to variations from the commonplace traditional family. This inferred that there was one household type that was considered as the best family kind while all others were deviant and dysfunctional. In the contemporary world, family diversity refers to a broad range of dimension or characteristics on which more than a few families varies. However, family range is the variations along demographic or structural dimensions (socioeconomic status, ethnicity race) and the household processes such as parenting behaviors and communication. On the other hand, social region is concerned with an individual’s location or vicinity in the society. Social location pertains political view, marital status, education, age, religion, sexuality, gender, class, and race (Benokraitis, 2015).

First I am my fathers and mothers third son, the oldest of three boys and have two old sisters and two young sisters. Being the third born, I am not treated as a baby but rather as an adult who is expected to be an example to the other two young and also the younger girls. I have to be on my best behavior when am with the family since my father always says that what I was done is what they are more likely to do also. Being a male and in this case the oldest male of the family, I have always been taught to take care of my siblings as am being shaped to be the leader of the family in future. I am expected not to fear anything that confronts me. Being a Muslim, the family is very significant to me, and I am expected to work towards family unity. Also, as a Muslims prayers are essential in our family and it’s the duty of every member of the family from the youngest to the oldest to make sure that they pray every day.

I come from a family with a good education history. Both my parents finished high school, and as a consequent, my father got a job at Saudi Aramco a state-owned oil company in Saudi Arabia and the Biggest in the middle east. Every member of my family knows they have to do their best when it comes to education and we know we have to reach the greatest heights when it comes to education.

My family belongs to an upper middle-class category, and I come from a good neighborhood where the majority of the people are also middle class. The one thing I consider to be influential in my development from childhood to adulthood is the deep value of education that my community hold. Growing up I could observe how much education meant for the society and me due to this I always had to do my best when it comes to studying.

My father being an important member in his place of work Saudi Aramco has made our family have a good name and influence in the society where I come from. However, not everything is perfect as being a Muslim and studying Chemical Engineering, in the US I faced some challenges especially being discriminate and misjudged at times. My family mirrors the white middle-class suburban mother the homemaker/father as a provider to a great extent because even though my mother is learned, she stays home as a housewife doing all the duties housewives do.


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