This essay's primary goal is to discuss the social and political ideals reflected in "A Model of Christianity Charity" and the Declaration of Independence. Different social and political visions are presented in both of these texts. On July 4th, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was drafted. (Congress, 1776).

Here, freedom day for the United States of America is meant. There is a sizable assumed crowd for the declaration of independence. This document is very important for the lives and people of the United States of America: the main essence of the declaration of the independence is that it specifies or gives the main reasons that are behind the making of the U.S Constitution. It also serves as a proof that the U.S is an independent and sovereign nation that has a right to govern or rule itself.

Initially the declaration of independence served to unite thirteen states. In reference to the social vision of the declaration of independence: it includes the unifications of all people living across America (Congress, 1776). Based on this vision: the declaration of independence was meant to serve as a uniting factor that was going to be used to unite people of different races, religion and tribe together.

The other vision that is based with the declaration of independence is that it served as a basis of the goals and ideas of the nation. This document contains a summary of the goals and ideas that the United States of America intends to achieve as the years progress by. Most of the Countries in the World have their ideas and goals stored in a special type of document that serves as a reference when it comes to leadership and control (Congress, 1776). In case the Country is in a predicament in relation to their policies, goals and agendas: this document serves as the main basis of reference. This document also serves as a reference for the division of power among the political personnel involved.

The declaration of independence is very important when it comes to controlling Political power in the United States of America. It dictates the political vision and aspiration of the Country. The making and ascension of laws is another broad issue that is discussed in this document. Every Country that wishes to prosper in future must have a political vision.

This vision serves as the main source of reference for the Laws that have already been ascended to power and those that are yet to be ascended. Other political visions that are targeted by this document are based on taxes, transportation and trade. This are the most important political policies or visions that control the flow and governance of the United States of America. Generally, an emphasis tone is used to describe the policies and visions of the U.S.A (Congress, 1776). The main aim of this tone is to create an emphasis on the people involved. It is meant to ensure that the Policies are taken on a serious note. Some of the visions are also rhetorical in the sense that they have been repeated severally in different parts of the document using a different set of words.


This document is also important in the lives of the people who are involved. Some of the social visions that are associated with this document are that people ought to unite or come together. The main essence of coming together is to ensure that people can be able to help one another in case they are in trouble (Boylan, 2007). Based on this document: it is very evident that man cannot be able to live alone. Man requires intervention or assistance from another party. The tone that is used in the document is meant to create or enhance cooperation among people. The tone that is used in the description of the visions of the document are meant to ensure that people are not ignorant against one another: they ought to care about the livelihood of the other people.

Politically, this document talks about a covenant that exist between God and the people. This covenant clearly depicts or speculates how people are supposed to live in harmony and peace in the World. It also depicts how people are meant to observe articles. This articles serve as a political vision among the people (Boylan, 2007). 'A Model of Christianity Church' is a document that clearly explains on the importance of the political and social visions of a given community. Based on the analysis above, a rhetorical tone is also given to the most important concepts or visions. The main essence of this is to ensure that the People are able to understand and learn much more about what is expected of them.


Congress, U. S. (1776). Declaration of independence. Available in: http://memory. loc. gov/cgi-bin/ampage.

Boylan, W. E. (2007, June). The role of the Byfield Parish Church in forming the American mind. In Forum on Public Policy: A Journal of the Oxford Round Table. Forum on Public Policy.

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