Small Business and Partnership

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Small companies have disadvantages, like a tough work schedule, which means that the owner must last longer working hours. The company owner must perform administrative tasks that take a great deal of time. In addition, the financial risks can also be involved, which may deplete the small business’ starting capital. Economic changes like inflation can cause enormous financial losses leading to business closure. The small business’ responsibility rests with the owner of the enterprise that makes the creditors capable of targeting business assets, particularly where the enterprise cannot fulfill its obligations. The customers and vendors may also sue the business owner in situations where they believe that an error was committed.

The information contained in a partnership agreement includes the ownership company based on the contributions to the startup capital. Furthermore, information about the allocation of losses and profits, measures of resolving disputes, business death, and decision-making.

The s-corporation differs from a Limited Liability Company by the number of members. A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is not limited to any number of members, while for the s-corporation, the number of shareholders should not exceed 100. Moreover, the limited liabilities company does not have any restrictions on ownership. The LLC type of ownership appeals to me since it does not have many formalities internally unlike the s-corporations.

The term ‘growth from within’ in regards to a corporation refers to the measures adopted to increase the operations within the business. The companies achieve the growth through increasing the number of sales of its product and increasing the geographic market covered by the firm. It forms a path for the enterprise growth since it offers room for mergers which constitute the framework for growth.

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