SIOP Component I: Lesson Preparation

The instructor prepared for the class by underlining the language and content goals during the case study. The information was age-appropriate, and all student proficiency levels could use the supplemental resources included in the learning. Furthermore, the instructor involved the students in worthwhile activities that combined language practice with ideas from the lesson. To enable the students to have a basic picture of the lesson, one of the background feature that the teacher showcased during the case study was that of asking the students their background experiences in relation to the concepts about to be taught. The teacher also linked the past concepts that the students were already aware of with the new concepts that they were about to learn. Markedly, the teacher emphasized on the key vocabulary that the students would frequently encounter during the lesson.

SIOP Component III: Comprehensible Input

To make the concepts clear to students, the teacher utilized speech that was well understood by all students in making clear explanations of the new theoretical concepts. More so, the teacher utilized charts as well as diagrams in explanations so that it would easier for the students to understand.

SIOP Component IV: Strategies

To ensure that the taught content was well understood, the teacher used different questions related to the topic to enhance higher-order thinking among the learners. More so, the teacher randomly picked students to answer the questions in front of the class.

SIOP Component V: Interaction

During the case study, the teacher offered the learners ample amount of time to seek clarification on the concepts that they did not understand. The teacher encouraged the learners to raise questions and encouraged fellow learners to answer or propose their responses before him intervening.

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