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Starting with Why is an inspiring book written by Simon Sinek. The primary purpose of writing this book was to empower her people to do what they want or want. Basically, Sinek reflects on the theme of Ted Talk; so many professionals have been inspired by this book.
Sinek speaks about how most politicians just claim what they do, the programs, or even items that add to the revenue. Some of them would also speak about how and how they use the process. Rarely do most politicians talk about WHY. Sinek concludes that when we start with WHY in everything we do action is inspired WHY always engage one’s emotions on the other hand WHAT will engage ones logical brain. Sinek argues that when we sell our WHAT we focus on prices to manipulate us while we attract customers in the business to believe in our WHY it builds trust and loyalty.

In the process of uncovering you’re why there are steps, one needs to follow. First look backward and focus on your initial motive of starting something. What particular problems do you want to solve and also the importance of solving that problem? This basically, means identification of the change you want to make. Secondly look outwards, this includes talking to friends or customers and wanting to know why it is they buy from you or even asks friends reasons for them wanting to be close to you. Once they understand that you are not insecure then their answers should be able to show you what an insight of progress or fail. Lastly look outwards this involves having a bigger vision that what you already have. Whatever vision one has for the future need to be inspirational, Therefore one needs to know what it is that drives them, what keeps them going. When someone communicates and focuses on why they are directly talking about that particular part of the brain that makes decisions. This particular part of the brain is called the limbic brain and the neocortex allows one to make decisions. The limbic brains often do not have language capability and it is, therefore, difficult to explain true feelings. When one makes a decision that seems right to them it’s so difficult to explain why they made that particular decision. The limbic part of our brain is a powerful one and it often drives one’s behaviors. You have to be so clear about Why you do what you do so that you are able to inspire others. After why then you can focus on the how you will do it. How allows you to hire right people and choose the right partners. Basically how is often a belief and how describes the actions you take to achieve your belief. The results of the actions will now be the products, marketing, Pr, services culture. Therefore why will give professionals and people something to believe in and this is what bring out champions in businesses.

Sinek in the book Start with Why mentions about a certain Samuel Pierpont, he was working on a project of inventing the airplane. This guy had a great goal but the problem is that he lacked a why. His purposes for building that plane were based on what. His main aim was fame and wealth like the one accorded to Graham Bell or Thomas Edison. On the Contrary, the Wright brothers Orville and Wilbur knew why they wanted to have a plane and their main aim was to change the world if only they knew how to make the plane work. They never had the resources and funds as Samuel Pierpont had. The Wright brothers had something that others could believe in and this made them have many people join and offer assistance to them, The brothers inspired and manipulated their followers and although they came late into the game they were able to emerge the winners. It is, therefore, necessary to have a Why in by our endeavors and this will make people believe in you and what you are doing. Sinek says that this is the core idea for success. It is evident that for one to become a great leader they must be in a position to inspire and come up with great ideas. They are always creating spaces for the ideas to happen and create the conducive environment for each and everyone.

Innovators for example always give us the challenge to see the world in a different way. They create a lot and great ideas and ignore imperfections. This is because they see potential in innovations that they make. After reading the book Start with why this has had a great impact on the way I do things. I first aim at knowing or why I am doing the particular thing. For example, in school, I first identify why I am in school. After identifying this then there is something to believe in for I have a goal that I want to achieve and I knower the reason I should achieve that particular goal. For someone to be a great leader and not only a leader but an inspirational leader then one should have a reason for doing something. For instance one should know why they want to be a leader, what are they aimed at. If there is a problem they want to solve then they should have the reason why they want to solve that particular problem. When one starts with why then it will be much easier for them to acquire whatever it is that they want.

In conclusion, a great leader should be in a position to create an impact and gather a lot of loyalty. Other people need to gain publicity and have a belief in you and whatever you are doing, the purpose and cause. This more of having a great vision that attracts great people and professionals, the vision will appear to be the public statement and many will focus on tit and gain believe out of the vision. For a company vision shows why a company exists, many companies collapse because they lack a vision and there fire the people they are supposed to serve lack confidence in them. The vision statement in accompanying is supposed to show the way forward and create guiding principles that are supposed to be followed. This book has in a great way improved a way of thinking and conducting of things. It has enabled one to think and come up with great ideas and methods of doing things. It has also created ways for innovation and leaders have been greatly inspired. Leaders need to have all these aspects to be great and create inspiration.


Simon Sinek Starts With Why 2002

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