Similarities between Christianity and Hinduism

The paper discusses sacred similarities in Christianity and Hinduism and what these similarities can tell us concerning what it means for any work to be sacred. Sacred refers to the generic state of being regarded as holy or even perceived by spiritual people as to be related with divinity and considered to be useful of spiritual devotion and respect and inspires reverence amongst believers. The view of sacred according to religion is based on cultural and social gathering, practices, and ideas that lay a foundation for the community’s social structure. Various individuals believe that there is a hole concerning the teachings of Christianity and Hinduism. However, the two religions can be analyzed through facts that discover significant similarities which may help people understand how the two different divinities have some resemblances. The similarities are observed in the religious teaching of morals and values, monotheism, reincarnation, sacred tools among others.

The first similarity is that both religions are monotheistic. The two religions believe in one God or deity. The Christians believe in one God in three divine persons Father, Son, and Holy Spirit while the Hindus believe in many gods and most do not view them as separate entities. The deities are regarded as emanations of one spirit that bring them together. Hindus believe that the Supreme Being is connected to them through the creation and has no form, thought, or personality. Secondly, reincarnation which is a common belief for the Hinduism although Christians believe in it as well involves the rebirth of the soul in the physical form of life where the souls are incubated briefly before heading their way to the final state of spirituality. The soul is understood to be the aspect of oneself that periodically takes on the mantle of flesh, lives the physical lifetime and eventually returns to the spiritual kingdom to reflect upon the teachings of life before supposing the flesh again in a new incarnation.

Besides, in both religions, there is the birth of Christ and Krishna. In Christianity, Christ is the Son of God who took the human form to live and die for the forgiveness of sins. God loved the world that he gave his only son for whoever beliefs in him shall not perish but have eternal life (Young, Robert 39). On the other hand, Krishna is the second person of the trinity of Hindu who is considered to be one of the incarnations of God Vishnu. Hindu believe he lived on Earth probably during the second and third century BCE. Christ and Krishna have some similarities which include. Firstly, they were born of virgin mothers. Moreover, the spirit was their father, thirdly, wise men and shepherds visited them following a star. Besides, they performed many and similar miracles which involved raising the dead (Young, Robert 52). Likewise, they taught same guidelines of morals, their mothers were warned by Angels that a dictator would kill the babies. Correspondingly, they were of a trinity for Christ that is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit while for Krishna were Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu. Finally, both were resurrected.

Additionally, the values and morals taught by the two religions are similar. The religions teach forgiveness, nonviolence, give without expectation, and one should do it often, love for the neighbor as love for oneself, people should put the spiritual life above everything else, one should not steal, and self-control, meditation, prayer, and individuals should live without attachment to the world (The Holy Book Of Hindu Religion 30). Finally, the religions sacred tools are similar. The holy bread, incense, ornamental decorations on the buildings are similar and also the Rosary among the Catholics is similar to mala.

Based on the similarities, for any work to be sacred it has to comprise some features so as to be understood by the groups or participant individuals. Also, separate from the conventional world, should express the ultimate meaning and total value of life, eternal meaning that it is recognized to have existed before it was known and to be known differently unlike the ordinary things. Sacred describes a thing or person that is extraordinary or unique that may pose mysterious power. Notably, sacred manifest in various forms such as sound, myths, people, ritual activity, and natural objects. Additionally, there are verbal expressions which have divine power related to activities performed in sacrifices, sacraments, festivals, and worship. Individuals believe that to enhance the prosperity of human existence; there must be close correspondence with the divine pattern (The Holy Book Of Hindu Religion 29). For example, the Catholics perceive sacraments as an external and the visible sign of the inward and invisible grace. The rituals and myths are used by regions to mark calendar days practiced worldwide during festive celebrations.

In conclusion, the ordinary human reacts to the sacred in both fascination and fear since sacred contains notions of danger that needs stringent prohibitions and a positive, creative power. The religions discussed above state some morals and values that human follow to attain sacred failure to which they are unworthy. The awe that man shows to the sacred is the composed of shock and trust, and only the sacred can satisfy man’s deepest hopes and needs. The holy is observed to limit human effort through prohibiting issues that are associated with human weakness. Holy holds the unlimited possibility that draws human beyond the limiting structures that establish his or her existence.

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