Should The Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals Program Be Abolished?

The Trump administration's decision to rescind the DACA program

The Trump administration on September 5th, 2017 decided to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that was initiated by Obama administration to protect close to 800,000 children that were living illegally in the country. These children, commonly referred to as the Dreamers, were allowed to work and go to school in the country without the fear of deportation (Brooks).

Disagreement with Trump's plan

I fail to agree with Trump's plan since it subjects almost eight hundred thousand Dreamers to deportation. The proposal is a strategy to elevate the white supremacy and bring down legal immigration to levels close to the racial quotas of the 1920s. I believe that they should be allowed to renew their application and be allowed to compete fairly with locals both in education and work. The Congress should also act first to come up with legislation that permanently resolves the issue of immigration to remove the DACA issue from political interference. The bipartisan deal should be adopted to ensure legal status for the Dreamers (Pierce et al.).

Alignment with conservatism view

My opinion that DACA program should not be abolished as proposed by Trump’s administration perfectly aligns with conservatism view that it would be against American ideologies and unfair to the would-be immigrants. My view also agrees with the ideology of social Darwinism on the survival of the fitness. The locals should not feel threatened by the DACA immigrants but should embrace the spirit of healthy competition. My viewpoint is however contrary to the libertarianism ideology that holds that the state must be kept extremely small and that the role of the government should only be to protect the life, liberty, and property of its citizens. On liberalism, the country should be able to overcome the immigration issue especially the handling of DACA without the emergence of conflicts between political parties or between the judiciary and the government (Fund, John).

Evidence needed to change my view

The evidence that I need to change my view on the dissolution of DACA program is that doing so will improve the state of security in the country. It also should convenience me that such action aligns with the American ideologies. The evidence should also indicate that there will be improvements in the lives of the locals after the program is abolished. The evidence is not yet available as many indications point at numerous detrimental effects associated with bringing down of the DACA program.

Overcoming bias and discrimination

I previously thought that the influx of DACA in the country would result in loss of jobs opportunities and also decreased chances of joining the best schools due to increased competition. The bias may have been created by the discussion in media, entertainment industry and also in politics that pointed out how immigrants were taking over and displacing the locals in many areas. The bias is negative since it promotes discrimination on racial basis and xenophobia.


Ensuring the security of the country is one of the primary roles of the government. However, this should not come with steep prices such as denying people their rights. DACA program was initiated by Obama to give legal rights to schooling and work to those children who immigrated to the country with their parents but are not legal citizens. The plan by Trump’s administration to abolish the program would result in the deportation of these children from the only place they have come to know as their home. The Congress needs to agree on the bipartisan deal to give the DACA recipients legal rights to be American citizens.

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