Should People Rely on Technology?


There is no other area in the universe that has seen as many changes and developments in the last six decades as technology. From World War II to the present, technology has undergone significant advancements. Yet, some people believe that technology has had more negative consequences than favorable outcomes. People who believe in evolutionary psychology believe that humans are historical beings whose nature, feelings, emotions, and intelligence are unaffected by modern technology. As a result, proponents of technology believe that employing technology will make them smarter. I believe that technology has made mankind' lives easier. For example, it has enabled people to have electricity in their houses to provide light and power their electronics. Therefore, I will persuade readers to embrace technology because despite its limited shortcomings, technology has more advantages than its downfalls.

People Should Embrace Technology

One of the ancient cognitive technologies is writing, which studies argue that was invented about 6,000 years ago. Since that time, writing has allowed the world to develop entirely new forms of culture, civilization, and cognition. Examples include recording and retrieving information for future use and stabilizing thoughts through sharing and criticizing them. As a result, people learned to draw the time scale from seconds to hours, to days, to years, and to eternity. For instance, iPod technology allows one to read and listen to Plato’s dialogue. In general, writing alone offered humans a new tool that they used to mold and shape their cognitive abilities and change their nature, allowing them to become self-creators (Bartlett and Miller 7).

The Internet and Its Controversies

These transformations not only intrigue, but raise the question: if technological advancements can bring positive changes, might they also bring the dangers? One of the most used modern technologies is the Internet. The opponents of technology insist that it is dangerous for individuals to rely on Internet information. They contend that the Internet is an engine of distraction that although users think it is designed to help them find what they need or maintain a set of thought, can frustrate, dissipate, and distract them. In addition to that, they believe that the Internet undermines the users’ ability to interact with knowledge genuinely, encouraging them to become shallow and less fully knowledgeable human beings. However, I do not subscribe to their school of thought, because most the research we have depends on the Internet most of the times. Similarly, the same Internet provides information on how users may avoid negative information or the negative effects of the Internet. Just like any other thing or innovation, the Internet has both negative and positive effects.

The Role of Browser Technology

Similarly, opponents of technology believe that the browser technology, mobile, search or the commercial funding system of the Internet does not offer anything substantial to the human race. Perhaps, they could help in one way or another, but relying on them undermines the sort of beings humans are, the way they think, and their sense of self. It may seem that the modern technology is profoundly embedded in particular cultures of commercialization and knowledge, which proves detrimental to people’s development of critical thinking. Even if that is the case, the society has many various trends that count against knowledge development that nobody should be surprised if amplified and reflected in some features of Internet technology. However, the catch is that people seem to forget that the same things they rely on the web for solutions can be addressed by philosophers, programmers, designers, and even individuals (Carr 36). However, I tend to have a different view about the observation above. I believe that even though the browsers may have its weaknesses and may threaten one’s privacy, the same technology has the ability to ensure that such people are punished and stopped (Hart).

Benefits and Limitations of Technology

Typically, the paper strives to encourage people to use technology for their benefit, as opposed to those who believe that technology has more adverse effects than it has the positive ones. People will only benefit from technology if they make the best of it, and contemplate on what they wish to do with such knowledge from the Internet. It is true the internet has made some people lazy, but it has provided many others with jobs. People have become self-employed or working from their home offices. Therefore, a housewife is able to work from home and take care of child at the same time. In other words, the Internet has provided employment to millions of people around the globe. It has also facilitated easy communication for governments. Thanks to the Internet, through video conferencing presidents and top government officials can have cabinet meetings without being in the same room. Nonetheless, over reliance on the internet may be harmful to an extent. Just like any other thing, one should not over rely on the internet when they have means of doing their things.


Therefore, even though technology has its negative effects on the humans, in particular, the internet technology is not possible for one to avoid it entirely. One must utilize the internet at some point every day. Therefore, it has more positive results than its adverse effects on humans.

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