Short story writing

A common type of writing

A common type of writing that concentrates on a single subject is the short story. It includes the narration of made-up tales that start out with no background knowledge and take place in just one location. The stories are brief in length and have a small cast of people. A story must contain certain literary components that are crucial to learning in order to be appropriate for classroom instruction and inclusion in the curriculum. These components include, among others, characterization, theme, and location. This description best fits "The Elephant Rope," a tale I wrote. A quality that sets one group apart from the other is their character. The elephants in this story are brought out as animals that are weak and easily give up. They believe that they cannot break loose from the rope tied to them while they were still young and vulnerable, nevertheless, they have grown much stronger and bigger over the years.

The plot and the setting

The plot refers to the order in which things happen in a story. The story starts with an observer noticing the fact that a huge elephant is tied with a small rope. He then meets a trainer, who explains that the reason why it doesn’t break loose is that it tried while young and failed. The narration ends with a lesson that failure is part of learning. A narrative's setting includes the time and the place—everything happened in an animal park. The man was passing by the elephants, meaning that he had seen other animals, and there was a trainer with the elephants who had studied them long enough to notice their pattern. The main idea that the story is trying to pass through its theme is to provoke a reader's thinking at a personal level. It shows the importance of reaped attempts. The elephants believed that they could not be free, yet, to those around them it appeared easy to free. This is because they tried once and failed, and never bothered to see whether the conditions had changed.

The educational value of the story

This story could motivate the students to read. Not only is its language simple, but also, its plot gives the learner the morale to continue reading in an attempt to find answers. The story can as well improve the vocabulary, language skills and reading skills of learners. The dialogue between the trainer and the observer, for example, can be acted out and thereby making the reading enjoyable. Students can be asked to give synonyms for the words used in writing and thus improving the vocabulary. Furthermore, the students' critical thinking skills are going to be augmented. They will be able to imagine the situation in their heads and see how foolish the elephants are. Their minds will be alert, and they will be able to find a way out to similar situations in their lives.

The story's impact on learners

This story could improve the lives of the learners—it teaches them never to give up. The elephants spent their whole lives stuck in a situation they were very capable of getting out of, only because they stopped trying. This story follows all the standards required in the curriculum. Through it, learners can know the elements of writing, which for them is a requirement, and at the same time improve their reading, writing, and communication skills. They can enjoy the process of learning since the story is interesting, and also learn to handle primary life encounters.

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