Short Story about Ryan Allan

This narrative is about a rich boy in his last phase of teen years. However, he depletes everything and has to examine several life coaching. Ryan Allan is a 19-year-old boy who grows up well-off although lifestyles shows him he is incapable. Mary Jane is Ryan’s lover who also doubles up as an escort. George Twist is Ryan’s chauffeur and at times serves as his bodyguard. Don Juan is a pimp who occurs to be Mary’s ‘employer’. All the characters are from a city called San Donholm, 5 kilometers from the capital city, Qasha. San Donholm is a beach city mainly resided by at the top of the heap class.
It is nearly midnight and Ryan is sitting next to the dancing floor at the Bella Vista club. He takes a look at his drink before rudely calling the waiter for another bottle of whiskey. It is raining heavily outside and Ryan is getting impatient waiting for his girlfriend, Mary Jane. Well, Mary Jane is an escort but Ryan got so fond of her and is blinded by love. He pays for the extra bottle of whiskey before calling George and tells him they should be leaving the club. While they are on the way, just after the 13th street, Ryan barks at George and commands him they should go and pick Mary. He then decides to call Mary. After a few rings, she picks up the receiver;Mary: Hello, this is Mary speaking.Ryan: Hello my love, how are you doing? Are you still at the club?Mary: I am doing good darling. Yes, I am at the club still but I have a client. I will be done in after two hours.Ryan: (now getting angry) you are provoking me, why do you consider your job more? Or is it because you know I am getting broke.Mary: (also getting furious) why don’t we talk tomorrow? I think you have been drinking more than you can handle.Ryan: I am on my way.Mary: (astonished) No!! Do not dare. Don is around and he appears to be in a bad mood.Ryan: Whatever, I am on my way. (Hangs up)“Are you sure we should still go to Mary?” George asks Ryan who is now a bit shaken with anger. “Yes, come on speed up” Ryan answers. Ten minutes later, they are just in the vicinity of the club when they pass by Don Juan smoking hashish. Ryan forcefully opens the door even before George parks it. Entering the club, there is still loud jazz music playing. Strippers are dancing and men cheering all over. Ryan walks across the club and heads on to the rooms section and asks the receptionist for Mary’s whereabouts. “She is at suite number 4 but she has a client “responds the receptionist. Ryan as he heads to suite 4 barks “I care less”. As he opens the door, Ryan finds his lover copulating with her client. Now overcome with rage even further, he reaches for his piece and points to Mary’s client. The client who also is tipsy and a bit stunned after seeing the Beretta M9 pistol cries,” Sir, take whatever you wish.” Just as the commotion is going on, Don Juan walks in holding an AK-47. Don, a Hercules of a man with a big scruffy beard roars pointing the gun to Ryan, “what is the matter with you?” Ryan answers back as he indicates surrendering the gun “no problem sir, I was just coming to pick my girlfriend” Don mockingly blasts, “who is the girlfriend, the man or the lady?” Ryan answers reply stammering that he loves Mary and being tipsy rushed to make a regrettable decision. Don moves closer to Ryan and forcefully pushes him outside the room. He commands Mary to follow him and tells the client that he will get a discount next time. On reaching the receptionist office, Don yells to Mary, “You are fired and never come back in my club! If you think of coming back know that I will shoot you.” Ryan leaves with Mary and enters the car and orders George to take them home. Heading home, Mary and Ryan start an argument on what arose inside the club. Mary started to insult Ryan and told him that his foolishness and jealousy cost her she did for a living. Ryan getting to a point where he could not handle the taunting any more growls to George that he should stop the car. George follows the instruction and as soon as the car stops, Ryan slaps Mary hard on the face. He then opens the door and pushes Mary outside and removes his rifle. He hits Mary who is wailing uncontrollably with the butt of the Berretta and later fires at her, Boom! Boom! Boom! Minutes later, Ryan now confused and trying to recall what he has done tells George to drop him at the Police station. He had to confess, he could not live another day with regret. After all, he loved Mary dearly. Reaching the police station, he reported that he wanted to confess to murder and surrender for taking his lover’s life. Poor Ryan, the son of a tech multimillionaire who inherited everything from his dad is now left with nothing but only teachings in life.

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