Shakespeare’s “Othello” and Ibsen’s “Doll House” Discussion

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Human condition is a complicated thing to understand. While some humans judge the morality of an act as negative, it could in reality be seen as positive via others. Such is the case of Nora, the main character in “A Doll’s House”. Leaving her kids is considered as negative through some. However, others view it as a liberating act in which Nora can finally locate her true self. While the main personality of “A Doll’s House” has clear motives for her act, the same cannot be said about the people in “Othello”. It confirmed that human condition can depend on one’s motivation and intention. In the case of “Othello”, it showed that sometimes, people just manipulate others for their own gain. One of the characters acted as if he was acting in good faith but has secretly been manipulating things for his advantage. The stories of “Othello” and “A Doll’s House” showed that the human condition is complicated and one cannot judge a person right away because motivation and intention is not always revealed.
Both plays have made a big impact on how people may understand the human condition. It is not always black and white. One cannot judge an act as good or bad without looking deep into the reasons and origin of such. Sometimes, conflict can arise because there are things that people suppress. In the case of “A Doll’s House”, Nora kept to herself the feeling of being treated like a plaything. For “Othello”, Iago hid his true intentions in order to manipulate other characters and fulfill his plans. The artistic expression of such human condition was carefully presented in both plays as it was portrayed in such a way that people may actually feel or do. It showed the universal truth regarding the gray areas of morality and the meaning of life.

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