Sexual Education

Sex Education

Sex education is the study of human identity, emotional relationships, romantic habits, age, and abstinence from sexual activities (Winnicott, 2). Sex education is an important course that lets young people understand their sexual transitions and gain control over sexual participation.

Determine the importance (why do we care?)

Young people begin to become sexually active as they reach adolescence, and during this period, they are exposed to unfamiliar physical and emotional encounters that scare them. For this reason, sex education teaches them on how to manage and conduct themselves and helps them to familiarize with their personal experiences.

Establish credibility (What qualifies you to talk about this topic?)

Based on a personal experience, it is evident that sexual matters affect most young adults and since the youth are the backbone of our society, they should be guided properly through sexual education to alienate them from immoral sexual behaviors.

State Goal of speech

My aim is to convince the school institutions to allow sexual education as part of the curriculum study.

Give an overview of main points/arguments:

I am going to address:

  • Why we should promote sex education

  • Why sex education should be taught in all schools

  • What happens when the adolescents/young adults are not educated about this topic

  • Challenges of engaging in early sex with risk of STI's and Adolescent pregnancies

Transition to Main Problem of speech:

Need problem

What problem do you want to solve?

Early engagement in sexual activities

Research shows that about 93% of young people learn about sexuality from the sex-education programs offered in schools (Winnicott, 4).

The young people also lack the confidence to share the sexual information with their parents at home.

There is a high exposure of sexual content from the media and these scenes give the young adults the idea about engaging in sexual behaviors.

Conclusion: Action step


Promoting sex education especially in the school set-up provides a conducive environment that allows students to engage in peer-to-peer discussions with themselves and helps them to express their views to their teachers.

Advising the young adults to minimize watching media content with sexual details will help them reduce their urge for sexual desires.

Final sentence of your speech

Therefore, sex education is an essential curriculum topic that will guide the adolescents in promoting upright behaviors in the society.

Thank audience for listening

Works Cited

Winnicott, Donald W. "Sex Education in Schools." Oxford Clinical Psychology, 2016, pp. 2-7.

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