Selection of a Mate

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I agree with the fact that we marry Nijolis Benokraitis is not solely a matter of preference but is limited to rules and values for cultural mate selection. The person we marry should be according to the expectations laid down by cultural standards and values. For example, the social status of a selected partner among the south is crucial. Furthermore, the faith and age of a selected partner is an aspect which parents consider when authorizing the marriage relationship.
I’d like to marry people with personal beliefs and expectations. Foremost, he should be older than me by at least five years. Secondly, he should get along well with my son as well as my family. The race does not matter, but religion does. If I am to marry someone, he should be a Christian. Besides, my family would not accept a mate who is not a Christian. Social class is also another aspect that would matter to me. I believe I would never be happy getting married to a person from the upper class to avoid being seen as a social climber or a gold digger. However, a person in lower class would not matter to me as long as he is friendly to my son, he is a Christian, years and above my age and loves me. It would not bother me to find a suitor who has kids from former marriages. Finally, my values would not allow me to get involved with a married man.

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