Salsa under the Stars Dancing

The first thought that one experiences by attending the event “Salsa beneath the Stars” is the auditory perceptual constancies, which is the ability to identify unique tune from a given set of sounds. The auditory perceptual constancy is a sensory that results from the feel of hearing and plays a integral role in the identification of the consistency of a given sound in an individual’s surrounding. Specifically, during the ‘Salsa underneath the Stars’, one can identify the tune of the guitar despite the loud noises that come from the party’s attendees. The identification of the sound of the guitar is vital in helping the party attendees to listen on the dance despite the distractions that come from other objects and people at the event. The auditory perceptual constancies significantly assist in portraying that apart from the eyes, the ears are also important in the sensation processes.
By attending the ‘Salsa under the Stars’, one can also experience the distance constancy – the relationship between the apparent and physical distances of various objects. The range consistency is one of the numerous types of visual perceptual constancies that people experience in the daily lives. The location of an object and the point from which a person observes are essential in the distance constancy concept. Specifically, the position of the stars and the Moon on the horizon is one of the major cases that aid in the course of comprehending the distance constancies. For instance, the observation of the stars at the Salsa indicates that they are closer to the Earth.

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