Sales Competition

It is necessary to acknowledge that whilst I intend to start doing enterprise with Nordstrom selling them the Michel Kors MK Handbags, competition is inventible and has to be factored.


Competition is heath because it will make sure that I remain applicable by producing exceptional handbags that are higher than the challenging businesses. The pinnacle three competitors are COACH, Dooney & Bourke, and Kate Spade.


COACH is a association that is based in the New York City and that operates in 5 continents (Coach, 2017). The company is family-based affords a considerable chance in business.

Dooney & Bourke

The other competitor Dooney & Bourke competes MK Handbags from the sense that it also provides a broad range of option for all family members and provides a wide range of products in the process (Dooney and Bourke, 2017).

Kate Spade

The last threat that is apparent in the process of establishing business with Nordstrom is Kate Spade that is also based in New York, and the threat is perceived in the context of the many businesses that have been spread all over the US as it boasts 140 outlets in the US alone and over 175 shops internationally (Kate Spade, 2017). Thus, to ensure that remain relevant, my differentiation will be key.


I intend to ensure that the Michel Kors MK Handbags are not only cheap but also quality products. The Crocodile Mini Crossbody and other Crocodile and Joni Python brands are unique types of handbags that MK Don brags on exclusivity. It will thus mean that the products I offer to Nordstrand will be appropriate and unique considering the affordable pricing that I intend to offer to the clients. Thus, despite the challenge posed by COACH, Dooney & Bourke, and Kate Spade, I expect that MK Handbags will still have an upper hand in the market.

Nordstrom, Inc


Nordstrom, Inc is specializing in the sale of fashion related products and accessories for men, women and children with the product range including handbags, cosmetics, fragrances, with select stores also including wedding and home furnishing services.


Michel Kors MK Handbags


Class and durability while ensuring that the client's keep their personal stuff in private in a fashionable way.


COACH, Dooney & Bourke, and Kate Spade

We Offer:

Cheap and unique products in which we brag the exclusivity in the production process all around the world.

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