Sacrifice and Knowledge

In education: an opportunity for advancement

Each and every step that one makes in education is an opportunity for advancement in various perspectives. For the case of my case with the university education, I am determined to advance in four most necessary aspects; knowledge expansion, money matters, employment opportunities, and established experience. With exposure to a wide range of challenge areas, college experience will enable me to construct a well-rounded knowledge base, with areas of my interest being the core considerations. Besides, college being a superior level in education ladder will provide an probability for increasing the chances for a higher salary. Later in life, as I will be making use of for different jobs, education attainment will eventually come up for the duration of the process. The core concept of such an occurrence is mainly on the element of experience. As such applicants with a college education and expertise are most likely to get placements.

The importance of colleges in shaping our future lives

Colleges are indeed important institutions that we go through in our lives that work to shape our future lives, most especially concerning developing and achieving career goals. Personally, I hope to gain a lot from my college experience. Ideally, college time is one particular time when students mature to become individuals, in particular on the perspectives of enhanced independence and the ability to take on more responsibilities. Previously, I have had to rely on parental support in most of my activities; however, at college, I will have to tackle issues by myself, thus an opportunity to develop the skills to push me harder in order to make certain achievements. Such circumstances are important as they ensure that I grow further in character and become more mature to tackle the different life challenging experiences that I’m most likely to experience once out of college.

Building a relatively accurate idea of my future

Unlike the high school days when nothing seemed important in life, I expect college to enable me to build a relatively accurate idea concerning that which I want to do with my life. To make an achievement, it is critical that I could have to make several mind changes. This is an essential aspect as college introduces me to new and various things, and as such, there is the chance that I could develop new and variable interests from such exposure, a contributory factor to the possibility of making several mind changes. Through my involvement in various extra events such as clubs and activities as I did while in high school, I am likely to have a balance for vigorous course study.

The shaping of character and the development of skills for life

One critical aspect that I have had as I progressed through the college experience is that the experience shaped me and also provided me with an opportunity for self-discovery. I managed to get various opportunities that ensured that I become open-minded and also develop the out of box thinking ability. The central aspect of a college education is to equip individuals with the necessary skills for life after graduation. Despite the fact that I have experienced certain obstacles as I progressed through the college life, especially those that required advanced complex thought processes in order to overcome, I believe the outside world post-graduation will equally be demanding and more challenging. However, I have strong belief that based on the fact that I managed to overcome those in the college, I equally have the capability to overcome such, especially during the time of career building.

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