Romanticism as an intellectual and cultural movement

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Romanticism is an intellectual and cultural movement that emerged from the late 18th to the mid-19th centuries in Europe. Many types of art, such as music, painting, historiography and criticism, define it. This European revolution was mainly concerned with people as opposed to culture (Holland 304).
Romanticism has different aspects, such as the value of imagination and creativity; Romanticism finds human imagination and creativity to be important, especially in creative works. In contrast to classics, the Romantics retained ingenuity and innovation even above structure and formality. Appreciation of others was also a part of romanticism. During the time of romanticism, people were respected by their work being praised. These people being celebrated were misunderstood and were heroic. These heroic people of that time were unforgettable in that they wrote books and novels and also people who stood out for their sake. Romanticism also believes that one becomes knowledgeable through intuition and not through deduction (Wood 1). Therefore romanticism is all powered by feelings, emotions and also a strong sense. The Romantics believed that for one to be human, they should be emotional. And so they disagreed the rationality that the enlightenment era focused on.
Romanticism believes in awe of nature it expresses the awe of nature through language and also in the work of art. The Romantics expressed themselves about nature in poems and other works of arts. They embraced things that existed in nature such as the trees, birds, clouds and also natural features that existed. This was like this because romantics came at the time when the world was developing and then through their love for nature they were reminding themselves about their natural environment.
The romanticism had major focus on religion and mythological. The writers got ideas from the religious topics and used them. Though religion did not seem satisfying to the so, they used their creativity while doing their artistic works. Besides, romanticism characteristic was of children. Romantics believed that children were innocent and pure. The civilization had not spoiled them, and they were admirable more than the adults in the society (Holland 304).
The primary representatives of the poetic romanticism were; William Wordsworth who was known for his work of poetry, he did poems telling about nature. Another representative was William Blake who was a painter, a poet and also visional. Blake’s poems expressed children’s innocence. Nathaniel Hawthorne a great novelist who focused on the power symbolism in his literature work
The various fields of art that Romanticism affected are the work of literature such as the poems, music and also novels. Due to the Romantics’ sense of creativity and imagination, they came up with romantic poems which were so emotional and could lead men to tears as they read them and these are examples of poets such as William Wordsworth. Also, the Romantics influenced the writing of novels. They expressed their religious and spirituality very well. They also expressed the aesthetic value of nature, Also the work of paintings such as the one done by painters like Thomas Cole which featured in his narrative work such as the voyage of life. The lasting achievements of Romanticism were that it ensured people understood their local customs and traditions (Wood 2). Therefore, romanticism led to the emergence of the greatest heroes for example when one speaks of novelists, essayists and great writers talk of Shakespeare or Milton.

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