Role of toys in children development

Playing toys is considered as an important ingredient in the growth of the children as they have interaction with the world around them. Therefore, the kind of toys selected influences the life of the youngsters in different ways. The following suggestions are of paramount significance when deciding on a toy.
Most toys have a unique packaging that consists of a specific age vary recommendation. This information must only be used to slender down to a most favorable toy option. It is advisable that dad and mom should use their capabilities to select the proper toy that fosters the development of their child. They must be observant to note and study any warnings and other protection precautions that may be listed in the package. They should scrutinize the toy to ensure that no additional health risk may make the toy inappropriate for their child (Good Toys for Young Children, 2016).The parts of a toy are also crucial elements. It is advisable to note that even toddlers and preschool children are fond of putting items in their mouth. If a toy has tubes as parts of the towel, parents should assess whether their child fits in this tube if they fit, it is dangerous for them to play with. Inspecting all the parts despite their size is important (Good Toys for Young Children, 2016). Besides, small items possess a choking risk. It is important to ensure that the large toys do not have small items that they go along with. Look out for a toy’s quality. Poor construction risks the life of the children (KidsHealth, 2015). They should watch out for small parts that may pop out when the children are playing. Toys have different educational levels depending on the children’s age. Parents should choose toys that correspond with the educational level of their children. They should choose a toy that allows the child to proceed and achieve the required skills developmentally. Parents should choose toys with a small movement for children developing an interest in motor skills (KIRN, 2013). If the children are learning regarding reading or writing, their toys should have letters and numbers. An electronic toy is also important for these children. Parents should visualize how a toy will help their child before buying.Toys have a violent theme especially those toys with symbols and forms of weapons (KIRN, 2013). Parents should consider these toys and evaluate their risk towards their families and choose whether they would like their children to be exposed to this level of aggressiveness. PART II3 to 5 yearsName: Tap Tap ArtManufacturer: TobarThis toy is a modern sample of the traditional wooden pieces used during once childhood. The colorful pieces have holes drilled through them allowing the children to hold these pieces with a metallic tack. This toy has different shapes, cork board, tacks and a wooden hammer. It is not cleaned with water to avoid destruction of the board. It is sold on Amazon with a retail price of ten dollars.This toy is developmentally appropriate since it allows children to develop their skills and creativity. They use these pieces to come up images and structures. At the age of 3 to 5, these children are attempting to understand how certain shapes and structure are formulated. Therefore, this toy is educational since it provides this nature of education.Children can learn different methods of coming up with shapes and drawings using these pieces. They form different items when arranged in different styles. Besides the many pieces, this toy is appealing since it has different colors.Colors and unique pieces form the most attractive part of the toy. It creates an illusion that the child can come up with a perfect structure yet the style and type of pieces make it simpler.Parents might develop different feelings over this toy. It contains small pieces which possess a risk to children. On the other hand, this toy has many colorful pieces that lure the child to play and understand them.Personally, I would select this toy for a child aged between 3 to 5 years. However, I would ensure that they are closely supervised for the sake of their safety. This toy is appropriate for this age range since it is not safe for young children.It is unsafe since it has small pieces that a young child may be tempted to put in their mouths and swallow. Some of these pieces are attractive, and hence the child might be overwhelmed by this feature.Some of the hazardous features of the toy include swallowing. The pieces are placed on the board using pins that possess a much larger threat to these children. However, this hazards can be avoided by replacing these pieces with a sticky solution and supervising the children as they play.Name: Melissa and Doug costumesManufacturer: Melissa and DougThese costumes consist of different dress-up and playsets that children can use for their imaginative roles. They range from fire firefighters, nurses and pilots costumes among others. They are cleaned and stored like normal clothing. They have a retailed price of one hundred and eighty dollars in Amazon.These costumes are developmentally appropriate for this age group since they prepare a child for an exciting career. Children can grow to understand what career suits them despite their young age. It is educational since children can determine the likes and dislikes associated with a certain job. For instance, a child may be encouraged to work harder to achieve these career aspirations. Different costumes also help the child to develop a diversified career in different areas.The toy is appealing since children can have a complete replica of what they admire if a child admires their father who is a firefighter, they can act like one hence giving them the required satisfaction. Every parent would select this toy for their children. This is based on the fact that they are educative and motivating at the same time. Personally, I would select this toy to motivate a child and educate them on different careers.Furthermore, this toy is useful for children of all ages. It does not discriminate children on a gender basis. This means that they are safer to play with.Some of the hazardous features of this toy are that they contain small elements that require close supervision. Children should be discouraged from putting these elements in the mouth as a precaution.Name: wooden castle blocksManufacturer: Melissa and DougThis toy consists of wooden block set that which is built and painted like a castle. This toy is considered as important since it provides a child with an eye-coordination assistance and imaginative play. They have a retail price of two hundred dollars in Amazon.The toy is developmentally important since it allows this age group to learn how to coordinate using their eyes and as a result solve problems. Therefore, this toy is educative.As explained earlier, children can solve all problems that are related to coordination. Through this knowledge, they advance to other toys such as the bicycles since they have developed the required level of coordination.The outcome of the results is the most appealing part of the toy. It shows whether a child can be able to coordinate and come up with something visible. A parent that would like to see children develop their skills in eye coordination would choose this toy.Personally, I would choose this toy for children. The complexity of the toy allows children to solve problems while they are young and hence encouraging this tradition. The toy is safe, but maximum supervision is encouraged. It contains small pieces that possess a danger to their health.ReferencesGood Toys for Young Children. (2016). Good Toys for Young Children | National Association for the Education of Young Children | NAEYC. Retrieved 2 October 2017, from (2015). Choosing Safe Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers. Retrieved 2 October 2017, from, T. (2008). Magnets From Toys Wreak Havoc in Kids' Intestines. Pediatric News, 42(3), 45. (08)70143-7

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