Role of nurses in healthcare

This responsibility of nurses as advocates entails protecting patient rights. For example, if a patient is ill, they will most likely be unable of acting normally. In fact, it is a nurse's responsibility to determine what the patient requires. As patients' advocates, nurses promote whatever is best for their patients (Williams, 2016). Nurses make certain that the patients' needs are met. Nurses are also delivering explanations in a language that the clients can understand, as well as supporting their decisions. Nurses are expected to have good communication skills, emotional stability, and respect as the patient's advocate. As the researcher, nurses are expected to take part in identifying considerable problems that are researchable. They should participate in scientific investigations and ought to be the consumers every research finding. Nurses are supposed to be aware of the process of research, study language, issues that are sensitive to be associated with human rights protection. As a researcher, a nurse should have the following attributes skills on problem-solving, attention to detail and humility.

As an educator, a nurse should provide information alongside helping the patients to acquire or rather learn new acquaintance as well as technical skills. A nurse should encourage the patient to comply with the therapy prescribed as well as educate the clients to promote a healthy standard of living. Nurses similarly give an interpretation to the client's information. As an educator, a nurse should have the attributes like patience, dedication, and emotional intellect.

Why the chosen attributes are necessary

A nurse as an advocate of the patients needs to have excellent communication skills to assist when it comes to speaking as well as listening to the patients. Emotional stability enables nurses to have the capability of accepting the suffering and death exclusive of allowing them to get personal even when they are patients advocates (Salmond & Echevarria, 2017). Respects allows them to stay independent every time alongside being mindful of the discretion needs. As a researcher, a nurse should have problem-solving skills to enable him/her handle tricky conditions. Nurses are similarly required to be attentive to the detail so as to come up with the better results during the research. Humility as a researcher is essential since one can wait and get an appropriate outcome at the end of an experiment or a study. As an educator, nurses are supposed to be patience to overcome anxiety, discouragement, fear as well as failure. They should be dedicated since through their dedication instills hopes to the clients/patients concerning whatever health issues they being taught. Then, as educators, nurses should have emotional intellect (Williams, 2016). Emotional intelligence might assist them in discerning whatever their patients require. However, emotional intelligence might be a helpful tool towards helping a nurse to make a decision on how to react within a traumatic nursing condition.

Real person encountered

The person whom I have met in these nursing roles as patient's advocate, educator, as well as a researcher excellently, befits all the discussed attributes above. This was seen on the level at which all items that he was handling were done excellently. It shows that the nurse was doing his duty diligently with good attributes required of a nurse.

Changes in nursing education

Education of nurses has provided an excellent comprehension of and better skills on management, methods of improving quality, change management systems-level alongside re-conceptualizing nurses roles within every transformed health care structure. Change in nursing education has served as platform meant for continual lifetime learning. This has made nurses competent in their duties.


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Williams, S. (2016). Looking at advanced practice nursing roles: Expanded clinical roles are becoming more popular worldwide, but there are some differences in scope. Nursing Management, 23(6), 17-17.

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