Relational Data and data records

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A database log is a consolidated collection facility that holds information about individuals and items that is predominantly used in the health care industry as well as corporations and other organizations. As a result, this paper will go into the key components of a database, how relational data is used, and why it is important in the healthcare system.
Database’s Main Components
A database is made up of various items known as objects, which include tables, queries, types, reports, sections, modules, and macros. A database system, on the other hand, is a computer-based structure that is used to preserve databases and manage knowledge that is essential to the organisation. In the modern society, the systems have grown to serve application like the Stock Trading Systems, Super Markets, and the Banking System. The main components include data, software, users, and hardware that coordinate to form an efficient database system. Data, which is one of the components is generated, stored, and processed by organizations in large amounts. It is the bridge between the system parts i.e. software, hardware, and the users who directly or indirectly access it. There are three major types of data i.e. user data, Metadata, and Application Metadata. Another vital component is the hardware that has secondary storage devices like optical disks, magnetic disks, and magnetic tapes. These devices are used to store data via the input/output devices, main memory, and the processors. The software part connects the database and the user. It interacts with the application programs, the file system of the storage media, users, and database to update, retrieve, delete, and insert data. Users make the system work and are a vital part of the database system. These are individuals including executives, managers, staff, and personnel, who are in need of the information contained in the database to undertake their normal duties. The various types of users include database designers, application programmers, database administrators, and end users (Goyal, 2008).

How the Relational data is used

Invented in 1970 at IBM, the relational database entails a set of data items where data is reassembled or accessed in several manners without reorganizing database tables. The relational database uses the uniformity to construct a completely new table from the required data within the existing tables. It utilizes the relation of interrelated information to heighten the versatility and speed of the database. The original database was flat as information was kept in a long text file known as tab delimited file. Each entry then has several fields to a certain person or object placed together as a record. Searching for information or creating reports using specific fields was rather difficult using this text file. On the other hand, the relational database makes it easy to find specific data. The relational database utilizes tables to keep information and allows individuals to sort data from any field. They are developed using the structured query language (SQL), which creates the mathematical relations, and each table has columns that can be utilized by other tables to gather information (Hull, 2011).

Why the Databases are Important in Healthcare

A database system is an important tool in the health care institutions with several benefits. Furthermore, the data contained in the system should be comprehensive and accurate since it serves various purposes. The data within the database can be used for local evaluations or assessments within the healthcare facility like inpatient hospital activities or outpatient conditions. Moreover, the data can be utilized in national or regional perspective to access the performance across or within the healthcare systems. While it may be hard to make comparisons, administration data can be utilized to compare national and international boundaries. The healthcare database allows data to be stored externally and secured in places that avoid data loss. The healthcare database also enables standardization and accuracy of data, which can be accessed quickly. Through the system, transactions like payment claims and lab results can be accessed with ease. The vitality of healthcare database cannot be ignored, particularly regarding the amount of data it can hold. In other words, the system contains a vast amount of data that can be utilized by different individuals.

Overall, the database system enhances data accuracy and efficiency that are crucial to any institution. Apart from that, massive amounts of data can be stored in the system; thus, heightening its resourcefulness. As such, it is crucial to the healthcare facilities among other organizations.


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