Reflection on the Metropolitan State University of Denver Academic Integrity Statement


Integrity is the characteristic of being authentically trustworthy and following a moral code. A individual of honesty carries himself/herself in a way that is commendable to society. A individual of honesty, on the other hand, has unwavering moral behavior and would want to do the right thing in any given circumstance. This guy has high expectations on how he conducts his activities – whether at school, at home, or at work – and is adamant never to lower those standards.

Metropolitan State University of Denver Academic Integrity Statement

Looking at the Metropolitan State University of Denver Academic Integrity Statement, there are two things that come to mind: The University does not tolerate academic integrity and at any activity, a student has to conduct himself/herself with honesty and integrity. It is imperative that as a student, the school will give me the perfect environment to advance my knowledge, but, I should be honest while carrying these activities, and demonstrate integrity throughout. It means that the school has my best interest at heart but has accorded me the responsibility of orderly conduct throughout.

Academic Environment at the Metropolitan State University of Denver

The Metropolitan State University of Denver is a learning institution that strives to ensure that honesty and integrity are achieved at all levels of learning. It provides the academic environment optimal for creativity, scholarly inquiry, and gaining knowledge. By coining the Academic Integrity Statement, the university ensures that its family understands what academic integrity and honesty entail. They tell the student not to plagiarize, fabricate information or data, and never cheat on exams or any test, as well as steal academic material, or hand in work to more than one class. These are guiding rules for one to observe while demonstrating his morality and integrity within the school environment.

My Reflection of Academic Integrity

I believe that my actions in the institution have reflected the academic integrity statement. Throughout my activities in school - both curricular and co-curricular - I have always ensured that I conduct myself in an orderly manner. That in every activity I partake, I uphold honesty and moral conduct. When carrying out my research, completing my assignments, or sitting for my exams, I have strived to ensure that I am truthful to both the institution and myself. It means that I have has the joy of delivering quality work and earn honest grades. I revise fully for my exams and tests, and take pride in the results that I get, knowing fully well that those are a true reflection of my hard work. Through honesty and the right moral code of conduct, I have affected the community positively, by encouraging hard work in every activity. I have shown that personal integrity is the right way of doing things, and with it, comes satisfaction and fulfillment of basking in one’s success. The community can look at my previous actions and identify them as correct and right to be followed. By carrying myself with integrity, the community can look up to me and follow suit in the pursuit of excellence.

Preserving Academic Integrity

To ensure that I preserve the academic integrity, I will ensure that I work hard in class and out of it. Secondly, I will ensure that I study harder for every assignment and every class; laziness is the window of destruction to one’s academic integrity. Thirdly, whenever I feel that I need help, I would rather ask than look for shortcuts to success. I have learned the meaning of academic integrity and how wonderful it is to earn a grade that one worked hard for, and will not let myself and the institution down. From now henceforth, the Academic Integrity Statement is my guiding armor and my map to honesty and moral conduct in and out of the institution.

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